How to Wear the Unexpected Color Combination on Your Street Looks

Though you may feel easier to reach for black and white, stepping outside the neutral box by opting for unexpected color combinations is an exciting way to punch up your style when getting dressed in the morning. Looking for inspiration how to combine colors that you’d previously kept at opposite ends of your closet? Keep on reading to get some tricks to keep popping up on the street style crowd.

green dress with purple shoes

yellow dress with blue shoes mint green outfit with purple shoes

Pairing unexpected color combination may seem quite daunting at first so you may start small with contrasting your monochrome outfit with brightly colored accessories. A green dress can be easily spiced up with a pair of purple shoes and a yellow clutch. Also, a bright yellow dress can unexpectedly look great with a pair of cobalt blue shoes.

pink shirt with red skirt pink top with red blazer and pants red blazer with lavender skirt red sweater with pink trousers

You may start small by choosing colors that you love. Think of feminine colors like pink, red, and lavender that can really be combined in so many ways and still be pretty. Fashion blogger Blair creatively breaks the fashion rules every time by pairing red with pink though shirts, blazers, trousers, and skirts. If you don’t enjoy a certain color, just leave it out.

colorful outfit tricolor outfits

If rainbow colors make you happy, make rainbows. A rainbow effect doesn’t have to mean you’re using all the bright colors in the exact rainbow order but muted versions of the rainbow shades will work well too. If you like soft shades, wear light colors with a hint of gray in them. Or, if you like earthy tones, use brownish, toned-down versions of the rainbow colors.

black and blue outfit with neutral yellow and pink outfit with neutral accessories

If you wish to emphasize a motif, use contrast by making your background dark or light like black or cream as your canvas. Because if they’re both a medium shade, they’ll blend together so for your color to pop, try wearing neon green with cobalt blue in black backdrop like Blair Eadie did. Of course, white, brown, gray, black, and the hues of blue found in denim are also neutrals that go with just about anything. If you want to draw the eye to an area and really make it pop, use a color that isn’t everywhere else already.

blue shirt with lavender skirt and cute shoes cute outfit with red bag and shoes sweater with blue skirt and shoes mint green blouse with purple pants leopard print bag and shoes with bright colored outfit

Blend your accessories with your motif to create balance. Balance means that there’s a bit of proportion in your design whether it’s repeating motifs, texture, color, and even brightness. This can be a great trick in wearing unexpected color combinations as sometimes creating a balance can add visual interest.

blue top with colorful striped skirt chevron dress with pink blazer pink blazer with striped skirt

Prints in colorful shades like color-blocked stripes and other architectural color-blocked patterns are very popular. Just make advantage of those prints by placing them on the right spots on your body. For instance, if you don’t want to make your bust line or hips to appear voluminous, then don’t put a wide pattern, especially in a bold color, directly over them.

yellow and orange outfit red and yellow outfit with chevron shorts pink blazer with yellow skirt orange and purple outfit navy shirt with orange shorts blue dress with red blazer and shoes

Play with colors and look around for inspiration. Flowers, sunrise, forests, fruits, paintings, and even buildings can give you some idea which colors will look great. You could also make use of the color wheel to create unexpected but amazing color combinations. Colors that are across from each other like yellow and violet; blue and orange; red and green, as well as colors that form a T like blue, orange, and violet-red; yellow, violet, and red-orange; yellow, blue-green, and red-orange create high contrast but also balance.

Be creative in wearing unexpected color combinations and make a fashion statement on the streets.


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