How To Wear The New Birkenstock: Pool Slides

Birkenstocks may want to step aside for now because we’ve got a fantastic alternative for your everyday casual footwear. Pool slides.

Already building its better presence back in 2014, the pool slides’ place in summer 2016’s line of trending footwear was made permanent when the likes of Rihanna’s Puma FENTY came out. And at that moment, pool slides are no longer only for the poolside.pool slides

While Adidas’s mi adilette model has been around since the seventies, this and many other pool slides are becoming more and more wearable in the streets today. It was once only the favorite shoes for the sports professionals and swimmers at local pools. Now, the less glamorous member of the sandal family is paving its way in the still ongoing ‘ugly’ shoe trend, a phrase that I would argue the pool slide and even Birkenstocks does not deserve.

No trending shoe, in my opinion, is an ugly shoe. Every shoe has its perks and quirks. It only takes an open and resourceful mind to make it stylish and glam. Below, we will help you choose and look for what to wear with pool slides.

Loose trousers. Just to put it out there, pool slides can be worn with anything. Skinny jeans or boyfriend ones, dresses or shorts. But its beauty stands out the most when paired with loose trousers in a tomboy chic look. Counterbalance that look with a tailored top, a blazer or trench coat.pool slides and blazer pool slide and loose outfit

Neutral colors. Whether you’ll be pairing pool slides with a more feminine look in a shirt-and-skirt combo or something androgynous with a pair of loose cropped pants, we find that pool slides will look particularly great in an ensemble of neutral clothes. This could be anywhere from black, white, or the nude colors—even dark shades like navy blue or olive green. The idea here is to keep the overall attire leveled—not hurriedly-thrown nor too dressed up. pool slide black and white outfitpool slide and trench coat

Black pool slides in a modern chic look. Plain pool slides in solid black color are great for almost anything. And, I’m sure to the delight of the fashion-forward ladies out there, it’s perfect for a sleek outfit. Something tailored and sleek like a boxy top and structured bags counters the laid-back feel of the pool slides. You can either cuff your pants or let it partially cover your pool slides. It will still look cool and sleek, trust me.monochromatic pool slides outfit black pool slides and white jumpsuit

Take it up a notch. Dress up those pool slides by slipping them on while donning something dressy like, well, a dress. Or you can also dress down a typical Parisian chic look of trench coat, striped tee and cropped pants by replacing black flats with a pair of pool slides.metal pool slides and dressblack pool slides

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