How to Wear the Nautical Trend for Fall

The nautical look is very popular in the summer, but did you know that you can sport this trend well into fall too? It may sound crazy trying to get a nautical themed outfit to blend in with the rest of your fall wardrobe, but it can be done and you can look chic with the nautical trend during fall. Curious as to how you can get this done? Check out these tips and ideas o n how to wear the nautical trend for fall. If you’re looking for a new theme to your everyday street style looks, the nautical trend might just be what you need.

  1. Create a fall-friendly color scheme – just because the nautical trend is a popular summer trend doesn’t mean you can’t modify it to make it look more fall friendly. One easy way to do this is to change up the color scheme a little bit and make it more appropriate for fall. This means adding more dark and rich colors to your nautical color scheme and minimizing the bright hues. A few pops of bright colors here and there would still work,
  2. Go for tailored pieces – one of the things that I personally love about the nautical trend is that you always look sharp, chic, and sophisticated when wearing it. I think that the well-tailored summer pieces give a refreshing twist to your usual laidback summer ensembles, so why not do the same for fall? Look for pieces that feature structure and some that have that tailored look. Working pieces like these into your fall wardrobe can help you channel the nautical trend easier.casual-fall-nautical-outfit preppy-nautical-outfit
  3. Prettify your look with prints and patterns – another really easy way to achieve the nautical trend in fall is to wear prints and patterns that suggest hints of nautical charm. Anchors are a given, of course, and you can also try wearing gingham, stripes, polka dots, or even chevron. You wouldn’t usually wear these for a summer nautical look but they work splendidly well for fall.print-dress-outfit simple-stripes-outfit
  4. White jeans are a must – so you thought you wouldn’t be seeing your white jeans again until next spring or next summer, well think again! White jeans are always a must when you’re trying to do the nautical trend, and they’re especially crucial for nailing the look in fall since you can’t wear too many brights and a pair of white jeans is really all that you can anchor down a fall color scheme to to get the nautical vibe.classic-fall-outfit-nautical stripes-and-white-jeans
  5. Don’t forget the stripes and brass buttons – if there’s one thing that will really comlpete your nautical look, be it during summer or fall, you need to make sure you work in some stripes and a pair of two of brass buttons somewhere in your look.cute-and-classic-outfit cute-nautical-outfit-for-fall


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