How to Wear the Frayed Edges Trend

Even the smallest detail can really make a huge difference to your outfit that’s why frayed edges can be seen everywhere. Raw, artfully frayed seams look effortlessly casual and add an edge to your ensemble. From a subtly undone hem to tattered, fringed seams, this attention to detail in the tailoring can really elevate an outfit. Whether you’re a fan of a denim-on-denim outfit, a sexy-chic style, or an oversized trend, keep reading to get some fashion tricks on how to wear your frayed pieces.

Team your frayed pieces with denim items for an easy and cool style.

frayed denim jacket with jeans

frayed denim with sleek coat frayed denim top with jeans frayed denim outfit red denim jacket with frayed jeans and lace up sandals

A more interesting way to wear the denim-on-denim look, wearing your frayed pieces with another denim item adds more dimension and texture to your outfit. Like fashion blogger Zanita Whittington, you may simply wear a pair of boot cut jeans with a frayed denim top and a military jacket for an added edge. Or, go for a monochromatic look by wearing your frayed denim piece with other denim in a plain and neat style.

Go for an effortlessly cool vibe by teaming your frayed bottoms with something loose and oversized.

frayed culottes with button down shirt frayed jeans with casual shirt frayed denim shorts with tank top frayed denim short with sweater

If you’re looking for a carefree vibe without going for fringes and suede on your outfits, think of wearing a pair of frayed denim shorts with a loose top, maybe a tank top, tee, or a turtleneck sweater that will keep everything laidback. Like fashion blogger Zanita Whittington, go for a military style by opting for a pair of frayed boot-cut jeans worn with a camouflage print tee and bandana scarf.

Team your frayed pieces with something chic and sexy.

frayed denim shorts with chic top lace up top with frayed shorts and vest frayed shorts with crop top and blazer frayed denim shorts with striped off shoulder top

Adding some cool vibe to your sexy pieces can be great to look more expressive on your street looks. Like fashion blogger Micah Gianneli, you may think of a pair of frayed denim shorts that will go perfectly with your sexy crop top and edgy blazer. Or, look classy and demure by going for fitted tops, off-shoulder blouses, or chic V-neck tops that will look a bit sexy without looking scandalous. Just be creative mixing and matching your pieces to get your desired look.

Add some polish to your frayed denim with coats or blazers.

frayed jeans with button down shirt frayed jeans and velvet blazer with platform footwear frayed jeans and coat with vintage bag

Frayed edges on denim are an easy, versatile style. It can also be paired up with a dressier ensemble like a dress, coat, or blazer. You don’t have to only go for jeans or shorts as a frayed denim skirt is a great all-purpose wardrobe piece. Frayed edges on clothing are a perfect way to inject some laidback vibes into your summer wardrobe, and this style is so versatile it will always come in handy. So, be creative and cool on your street style by taking advantage of this frayed trend.

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