How to Wear the Checkered Trend This Summer

Formerly seen on board games and floor tiles in any retro-style kitchen, the checkered trend is one of the hottest prints this summer in its chicest incarnation yet. Whether its continuous neon or black and white blocks printed on feminine ensemble, this classic pattern is a bold endeavor for any summer look. So keep on reading on how to add some flair to your summer looks with checks.

Make your office style creative with checkered suits, dresses, and blouses.

checkered blazer with trousers and cobalt blue bag

slit skirt with checkered top retro sunglasses with checkered dress

Wearing the stylish pattern on your office outfits will add some summer inspired vibe to your looks effortlessly. Like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, channel some mod and retro flair with a checkered dress teamed with retro sunglasses that will complete your statement. Or, go stylishly professional like fashion blogger Nicole Warne in checkered pantsuit teamed with white top. If you’re a fan of vintage style, go for a gingham print blouse that will go well with your office skirts.

If checks feel a bit retro, update the look with some sexy tweaks.

checkered black and white jumpsuit checkered top with skinny jeanscheckered pencil skirt with crop top

If you’re wearing a retro check print skirt, balance the mod look with a sexy crop top that bares your midriff to look a bit sexy and chic. If you’re not good at showing some skin, bring it on with a pair of skinny jeans that look sexy and sleek perfect for your casual street looks. Or, think of paint-inspired or abstract style check on sexy jumpsuits that look sexy since it highs your natural curves while looking classy on your outfit.

Add some flair to your casual weekends with checkered ensembles.

checkered shirt with skinny jeans gingham shirt with jeans chic blouse with checkered pants checkered top with denim shorts

If you’re a fan of denim jeans, cut-off shorts, denim skirts and such, make your casual pieces chic with a checkered print tank top or button-down shirt. Or, wear the checks the other way around by going for plain button down shirt teamed with a pair of checkered pants and slip on sneakers that still look effortlessly cool.

Make your summer style playful with colorful checks.

checkered asymmetrical dress cute clutch and green heels with checkered dress checkered suede button-front skirt with crop top checkered skirt with gold sandals

Since summer is all about having fun with juicy colors and punchy shades, take advantage of checks to make a bold statement. Like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, go for a checkered red dress that looks feminine and vibrant in the summer, or go retro with a patchwork suede button front skirt. You may also go for an eccentric look by going for checkered neon dress teamed with pink lip clutch and green pumps that will surely turn heads.

Create a modern classic outfit with checks.

checkered culottes with feminine top modern classic outfit with neon pumps checkered top with white pants checkered top and gold slip on sandals with blazer and white pants

Classic doesn’t necessary mean outdated and modern doesn’t imply avant-garde. Like fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur, create a balance between two styles by going for a pair of classic straight leg pants and a checkered top that looks smart, sleek, and polished. By taking advantage of this pattern, you’ll make your summer style more expressive and trendy.

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