How to Wear Tall Boots When You’re Petite

They say girls who are petite should avoid wearing tall boots (e.g. knee-high and thigh-high) boots at all costs because it will just make them look even smaller and shorter but one look at our favorite petite It Girls wearing theirs would definitely make you want to reconsider. Sure, not everyone is bold enough to take the risk. But for those of you who are, check out these tips, tricks and hacks on how to wear tall boots when you’re petite.

  1. Choose solid over printed and patterned pairs – I know those leopard print over the knee boots and those quilted leather thigh high boots are probably calling out your name every time you pass by them at the store, but be practical and go for a pair in a solid color instead. Prints and patterns on your boots can be overwhelming if you’re petite and might not help out with distracting the eye from short legs at and white street style outfit with boots
    skirt and tall boots
  2. Avoid slouchy boots – if there’s anything that petite girls should avoid when choosing tall boots, it’s going for slouchy designs that “swim” in the center. The key to faking a taller silhouette while wearing tall boots is to streamline everything so a nicely fitted, snug pair of boots would be best for petite girls.brown suede boots cute petite girl tall boots outfit
  3. Wear the same color pants – another really good way to streamline your silhouette is to wear your pants and boots in the same color. Doing this creates the illusion of continuity which will trick the eye into seeing a taller silhouette. It would be best, too, if you could go with darker colors like black, navy blue or dark chocolate pants and boots monochromatic look with boots
  4. Show a bit of skin – now, if you’re not too fond of the idea of making your pants and your boots look like one, long fabric, you can always opt for the other trick that is to wear a dress or a skirt and let about 2 to 4 inches of skin show. This will make your legs look so much longer and it adds to the sexy vibe of the look as well.simple outfit sweater dress and boots outfit
  5. Choose high-heeled boots – lastly, if you’re petite and you’re looking for a pair of tall boots to wear, be sure to choose something with high heels on them. This will elongate your silhouette further and actually make you a few inches taller temporarily. Don’t worry about hurting your feet while on them, there are tons of styles and designs out there that can give you the both style and added height.fitted boots outfit high heeled black boots outfit



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