How to Wear Stripes with Plaids

Mixing prints became trendy nowadays and knowing the keys will help you create a cohesive and sleek outfit. Mixing any patterns together is tricky, but it is a great way to add some flair to your daily outfits. Wearing stripes with plaid will also make your clothing more personal and individualistic. However, not all stripes and plaids go together so you have to match them well. So, keep on reading to scoop our easy tricks to wear the style.

Start with your accessories, preferably a plaid scarf.

plaid scarf with winter outfit

plaid scarf with striped tee

You can add one of the patterns in simply by just adding an accessory like a plaid scarf or something that will allow you to not stand out too much. Like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, make your street style stylish and functional by topping your striped tee and coat with a plaid scarf that will work in the colder months. In the warmer season, think of a plaid bag, striped shoes, striped hat, plaid tote and such that can make you wear the patterns in a stylish yet season-appropriate way.

Mix the two patterns, but keep the other print less obvious.

breton striped top with plaid shirt striped sweater with plaid shirt striped athletic pants with plaid shirt

One piece of the clothing whether the stripes or the plaids should be more vibrant while keeping the other one muted. Like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, you may simply opt for a pair of striped athletic pants that will go well with your plaid shirt. Also, keep whatever other colors you are wearing to a minimum because if you add a lot you will look sloppy. Going for neutral, textured, or embellished striped sweater or shirt will be great if you plan to wear them with a loud plaid piece.

Look intentional by wearing two prints on your separates.

plaid pants with striped top and cape striped top with plaid pants striped shirt with plaid skirt striped shirt with plaid pencil skirt plaid skirt with striped top and coat

You can match these two very different patterns together successfully. Just make sure that the stripes and plaids are around the same size that means wearing big stripes with big plaid, and small stripes with small plaid. Remember, bigger and bolder patterns will definitely going to make you look bigger, and the horizontal stripes are likely to give you a wider look. To make the trendy style work in the office, copy fashion blogger Mary Orton’s outfit by wearing a plaid skirt with a striped button-down that looks polished yet creative. You may also think of wearing your plaid pants with your striped tee or sweater on your casual Fridays that will look a bit trendy yet office-appropriate.

Top your striped outfit with a plaid shirt.

striped graphic tee with plaid shirt striped dress with plaid shirt skinny jeans with plaid blazer and striped tee plaid shirt with striped tee

If you’re still in doubt on wearing mixed prints, take advantage of a plaid shirt that you can wear with your striped outfits and is also easy to take off whenever you feel. Like fashion blogger Aimee Song, make your casual street style trendy by topping your striped graphic tee and jeans with a plaid shirt. Indeed, stripes and plaids are some of the timeless prints you can wear anytime to create fashion-forward looks.

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