How to Wear Side Stripe Pants

Athleisure is one of the hottest trends of spring and summer. One of its main components is the side stripe pants, which look too sporty for some. Although these can make you look like you are headed to the gym, you can wear them in ways that will make you look elegant and extravagant. Make the most out of your side stripe pants with these styling tips.

Go Solid

Although side stripe pants are very casual, you can make them look sophisticated with another casual piece: a solid-colored shirt. This simple top can balance the sporty look of your side stripe pants. Wear it with a sleek pair of pumps – or tie-up sandals – for a look that’s worthy of spring and summer.

red top and side stripe pants

gray sweater aznd white pants black sweater black top and white pants

Go Bright

While solid neutral colors look good with side stripe pants, bright shocking ones can seal the deal as well. Vibrant hues can add contrast to these athletic pants, which are usually dull in color. Whenever you are in doubt with what to wear with your side stripe pants, a sunny choice (especially for this coming summer) is a bright top or sweater.

yellow sweater yellow top cobalt top

Go Formal

Although side stripe pants are reminiscent of the athleisure fashion trend, they can be worn to the office as well. In fact, it can be a great alternative to your boring trousers or pencil-cut skirt. Wear it with a button-down top or a ‘formal top’ for a look that will not incur the wrath of your boss. Of course, the best shoe for a formal look is a sexy pair of heels.

miranda kerr side stripe pants olivia palermo side stripe pantsplaid top and side stripe pants white top and side stripe pants

Go Girly

Side stripe pants are on the casual end of the fashion spectrum because of its athletic look. With that being said, the best tops to wear with these pants are the girly, feminine ones. A lace top, like the one worn below, can add a bit of sophistication to your otherwise sporty trousers.

lace top and side stripe pants

Is it a little bit cold outside? Then cover yourself up in a fur sweater. Although it is simple in style, its luxe fabrics can upgrade your look right away.

fur top and side stripe pants

Go Sporty

While most of my fashion tips lean toward dressy tops, you can always go the other way around. In this case, sporty tops can complement the rugged look of side stripe pants. Case in point: the black bomber jacket, as shown below. Although sporty, the jacket’s sleek look has managed to elevate the outfit in just one sweep.

black jacket and side stripe pantsleather jacket and side stripe pants

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