How to Wear Rings Like a Celebrity

Kate Bosworth and Lauren Conrad are just some of the many stars who love wearing rings. And why not? It’s a great way to express your inner style. If you want to be just like these celebs, then make sure to follow these tips on how to wear rings.

Rings in a Stack

If you want a simple yet commanding look, then you need to know how to wear rings in a stack. Parse through your collection and go crazy on stacking your pointer finger. This will make you look like you have a flashy, one-of-a-kind ring on your hand.

wedding ring stack

silver ring stack

Rings in Silver

Silver rings are great fashion pieces, especially if you want to achieve a boho style. When it comes to how to wear rings, pick silver pieces in crisscross designs. Those with chains can add the finishing touches to a hippie look.

silver ring stack. silver rings

Rings with Colorful Gems

If you like a splash of color, then you need to know how to wear rings with colorful gems. Of course, it is important that you buy rings with matching gemstone colors. To break the monotony, add some complementing midi rings as well.

Tip: It wouldn’t hurt if you keep your engagement/wedding ring around, as it will effortlessly blend in with the other fancy rings.

colorful ring stack onyx gemstone rings

Rings with Pearls

If you want an elegant look, then what you need is a pearl ring. It’s a good buffer, especially if you are in the mood for wearing several rings. What you need to do is wear your pearl ring with other shapes and styles for a sophisticated style that’s far from being plain.

pearl ring stack pearl ring stack.

Rings in Geometric Shapes

If you like rings in geometric shapes, then you need to know the cardinal rules of how to wear rings. In order to balance the look, you need to stack the ‘thicker’ rings at the bottom of your fingers. Also consider wearing the thicker rings on your pinkies. Remember to stack the thinner rings on your middle and pointer fingers for a sensible style.

thick geometric rings geometric rings geometric ring set

Rings with Letters

If you want a unique, personalized look, then you need to know how to wear rings with letters. The key to styling these rings is to keep the focus on the letter rings. It’s okay to wear other styles, as long as they’re simple. If not, they’re going to draw the attention away from your personalized letter rings.

letter rings letter ring stack

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