How to Wear Rick Owens Inspired Fashion

Known for his dark and radical designs, Rick Owens is a fashion designer adored by a lot of gothic, unconventional, and expressive-inclined people. If you’re a fan of Rick Owens’ fashion style, but don’t know where to start, keep reading on our style inspirations to wear the stylish and statement-making looks on the streets.

cross and stud rings with gothic outfit

gothic outfit with statement belt long black gown and Victoriana gothic clutch metallic accessories with edgy outfit Miranda Kerr in edgy boots ragged bag with edgy outfit Rick Owens inspired boots with black outfit

For the simplest approach in wearing the style, you may start with your post-apocalyptic-inspired or even futuristic accessories to team with your basic outfit. For instance, you may finish off your black outfit with a statement belt or a black handbag whether an angular clutch, upscale backpack or slouchy satchel. You may top your looks with a slouchy black beanie and add some edgy jewelry and eyewear. When opting for your footwear, go for unconventional styles preferably in black. If you don’t have one, you may resort to pointy toe pumps, loafers, booties, chunky platform sandals, or even buckled sneakers.

all black gothic style asymmetrical cape with skirt black cape with sneakers dark outfit with fur accents rick owens gothic outfit Rick owens inspired outfit

For the silhouette of the Rick Owens style, they’re usually unorthodox, different, and exaggerated. Look for design that is very asymmetrical, dramatic, and drapey. In terms of fabrics, you may go for knitted ones which convey a casual vibe, or leather ones with avant-garde look. Even most features of his designs are rugged and distressed, take note that blue denim jeans are absent. You may instead go for leather skinny pants either full length or cropped, as well as harem pants, jogger pants, structured skirt, track pants that will work just fine. Just opt for outfit proportions flattering enough for you and create sufficient structure in the right places to prevent the look from wearing you.

bone shirt and accessories bone structured dress futuristic outfit with boots leather dress with heels orange dress with edgy jacket statement jacket with leather trousers structured skirt with cropped top velvet jacket in black

As for Rick Owens’ color palette, they’re typically black and gray, but you can opt for an occasional pop of murky olive, brown, burgundy, and white. To make them less dramatic than the original style, you may give your own outfit a twist by resorting to other classic colors, but keep in mind that the lighter and more subdued the shades are is the less you’ll get that post-apocalyptic style you’re aiming for. You may even go for simpler silhouettes if you’re not a fan of futuristic and post-apocalyptic fashion.

edgy-dress-with-pants edgy jacket with black dress fur jacket with flared pants unconventional jacket with skinny pants tank top with slouchy top and chain belt sexy-top-with-leather-jacket-and-skirt Rick Owens fashion style metallic top with jacket and skirt layered outfit with edgy shoes

For layering style, sometimes the more is the better as long as you keep the outfits dramatic, monochromatic, and hard-edged. Sometimes you can layer three pieces over one another for a fabulous effect. When you layer a lot of black, that’s pretty attractive for Rick Owens, so feel free to experiment for the styles that look flattering for you. To create structure on bulky layers, you may add a black waist-cinching belt. To make thing simpler, you may go for an edgy style like topping a black blazer or cardigan without piling on too many layers.

When creating Rick Owens-inspired fashion, feel free to experiment, but don’t lose your personal touch. Just get those that define your personality and flatter your figure. Add some twist whether on the color, silhouette, or style. After all, fashion style is a way to express your individuality through your clothes.


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