How to Wear Rain Boots and be Stylish

I think you and I can both agree that when it comes to footwear for the cold and wet seasons like fall and winter, rain boots are the least, well, chic. Thankfully, many brands are now coming out with cuter rain boots designs and a lot of them are super chic and fashionista-approved. If fall tends to be super wet where you’re from and rain boots are inevitable but you still want to look fabulous all the time, check out these tips on how to wear rain boots and be stylish.

  • AVOID FRUMPY RAIN BOOTS – we all know they’re not the most glamorous pair of shoes a girl can slip into but, hey, at least try to make them look nice! Frumpy, old-fashioned rain boots are a no-no, especially now that sleeker, more posh-looking pairs are widely available and easily accessible to everyone. Hunter seems to be a crowd-favorite when it comes to rain boots brands that make cute pairs and you can get them online or from your local fashion boutique.purple hunter boots
    red rain boots and cute outfit
  • WEAR YOUR RAIN BOOTS IN COLOR – gone are the days when rain boots are just plain black and boring. Today, they come in every color and some even have cute and whimsical prints on them! These are great for adding personality to your outfit and making it look more cheery and lively. Pick out your favorite color or choose one that will blend in seamlessly with the rest of your wardrobe.light pink rain boots bright red rain boots for fall
  • PAIR UP YOUR RAIN BOOTS WITH SKIRTS AND DRESSES – it may seem like a strange outfit combination but it works strangely and surprisingly well. The combination of a soft and girly feminine frock paired up with rain boots with a very utilitarian vibe results in a perfectly-balanced stylish look that anyone can easily pull off.dress and boots outfit white dress leather jacket and rain boots
  • DIY TO GIVE YOUR RAIN BOOTS PERSONALITY – another thing that you can do to look stylish in your rain boots is to DIY it and tweak it to fit your style more. Embellish it with studs and other cute metal findings to give it a bit of a rocker chic vibe or glue on some lace trim to make it extra feminine. Do whatever you think would make your rain boots scream bow boots diy chain goth rain boots
  • GET MATCHY MATCHY – having your accessories match each other is one surefire way to look stylish in a quick jiffy. Choose a purse to match your rain boots or, if you’re using one, an umbrella in the same (hopefully bright) color. This will give your outfit a nice and coordinated look and a super chic vibe.

matching accessories and rain boots matching red rain boots and bag


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