How to Wear Purple Lipstick in Real Life

Let’s get real here: purple isn’t exactly the shade or color you’d go for if you wanted a lip color that you can sport easily but does that mean you can’t wear this gorgeous, majestic color on your lips anymore. If you’re looking for something unique to add to your makeup collection or if you’re looking for something to add to you makeup look that would help you make a statement, why not give purple lips a try? Here are some tips on how to wear purple lipstick in real life.

  • FIND A SHADE THAT COMPLEMENTS YOUR SKIN TONE – just like any other lipstick color, purple lipstick comes in a wide variation of shades so your mission, really, is not to pick one and make it work but rather to find that one shade that will look really, really good with your skin tone and rock it. Dark, vampy, purple berry colors look great on just about anyone so if you haven’t already found your perfect purple shade yet, you can stick to that for a while.

bright purple lipstick

statement purple lips

  • KEEP THE REST OF YOUR MAKEUP SIMPLE AND FRESH – purple lips are a statement in and of their own so it’s important that you keep the rest of your makeup simple and fresh to avoid having too much going on with your look. When wearing purple lips, opt for a neutral look for the rest of your face. It will keep your face looking bright and lively while also allowing your purple lips to take center stage without looking obnoxious.

plump purple lips purple lipstick

  • WARM UP YOUR SKIN – purple is a rather dark color for the lips – compared to the usual everyday colors you wear, that is. What dark lip colors tend to do is to wash you out and make you look paler than you really are so make sure to bring some color to your face by bronzing up a little.

light purple lipstick purple berry lips

  • KEEP IT IN PLACE – when you’re wearing something as bold as a purple lip, you’ll want to aim for nothing but perfection. Make sure your lip color stays put all day by prepping and priming your lips, using a long lasting lipstick and setting your lips afterwards. This will ensure you that your lipstick won’t bleed or slip and slide, giving you a foxy look instead of a beauty faux pas.

dark purple lip color no makeup fruity purple lip color

  • HAVE FUN WITH IT – purple lipstick is not something you wear everyday so when you do wear it be sure to have fun with it! Try experimenting with lip trends using your purple lipstick. A purple ombre lip, purple glitter lips – these are just some of the fun lip looks you can try with your gorgeous lip color in hand.

gold and purple lip look lupita purple lips

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