How to Wear Peasant Dresses

If you’re getting tired of buttons, zips, and other closures on your typical dresses, toss on peasant dresses that can give you enough comfort without being obvious. These dress styles can be extremely fashionable and trendy perfect for your street style fashion. Looking for ways how to pull off this “folksy” dress style? Keep on reading for style inspirations on how to wear peasant dresses that will make you stand out from the crowd.

cut out peasant dress

sheer peasant dress with quirky sandals baroque peasant dress with boots maxi dress with embellishments peasant dress with baroque prints

Usually produced in cotton or other hard-wearing fabrics, peasant dresses are lightweight and breathable guaranteeing the comfort you’re aiming for. For a simple style, you may go for white colored dresses with cut-outs, earthy embroidery patterns, and even ruffles that can look sleek and chic even when worn alone. A very simple dress with just simple designs to offer, but its simplicity speaks its grandeur.

knitted peasant dress with heels off shoulder peasant dress with statement heels red peasant dress with belt

Choose for peasant dress that can be a new version of your little black dress. If you’re not a fan of prints, then go for solid colored dresses as they come in a different yet delicate variety of colors. The very classic blue, red, yellow, pink, green, violet and such which are favorable to any skin tone being featured. It also goes well with stylish accessories like sequined bag, diamond necklace, studded shoes, and other jewels that are highly versatile look for those who need something unusual for cocktail hour.

baroque inspired dress blue peasant dress with boots floral peasant dress vintage peasant dress plaid printed dress with heels off shoulder peasant dress

The design of the traditional peasant dress has evolved in just some little ways. For modern styles, the billowy shape and puffed sleeves are altered featuring a bit revealing neckline through buttons or off-shoulder styles. Some versions of dresses have ruffles or adjustable drawstring ties to the neckline to make the upper part of the dress stretchy and flexible. The dress can be worn off-shoulder so as to give emphasis to the shoulder part but attention can be drawn away from that part if the dress is tied up. Feel free to go for classic prints, abstract prints, geometric prints, or even boho-inspired prints to channel your personal style.

peasant dress with blazer kimono with peasant dress blanket scarf with peasant dress

Peasant dresses are usually casual chic and can standalone, but they can be dressed up fairly easily if you prefer. Chunky sweaters, structured blazers, trench coats, kimono, blanket scarves, or even cardigans work well for a chilly day. For a creative look, you may even slip into two peasant dresses, one in a lightweight or sheer fabric than the other, to have the colors blend together for an interesting effect. For a great contrast with the texture of your peasant dress, you may go for a leather jacket or a denim vest that can take you from day to night. Wear granny boots or clogs for provincial appeal, and layer on cool accessories if you want to go all-out.

Look for the styles of peasant dresses that look great for you whether it’s retro or modern as long as you have that statement piece that channel your carefree and feminine vibe.






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