How to Wear Overalls Outstandingly

Overalls are reminiscent of every woman’s childhood. Although this might remind you of the days of yore, wearing it carelessly can make you look like a lost farm girl. Rock a onesie like the models in Michael Kors and Adam Selman’s runways by following these tips on how to wear overalls outstandingly.

checkered overalls

Stripes are Perfect

The best print to match with overalls, hands down, is the stripe. It is a safe and glamorous choice, as it invokes the feeling of nautical luxury. Whatever color you choose, you are sure to establish a fashion triumph with a striped top.

striped shirt overalls

striped shirt and overalls


Feminize the Look

If you are going for slouchy, roomy overalls, then balance the baggy look with a ‘feminine’ top. Off-shoulder tops, lacy tees and frilly shirts will give your onesies an air of elegance.


Be Colorful

A denim overall is a safe choice, but if you want to be a fashion maven, you have got to break out of the box! Ditch the denims for colorful or printed onesies. A leather jumper such as the one below can take the usual look to casual chic.

leather overalls

colorful overalls

Cuff it Up

Do you have a petite frame? Well, you can rock the overalls like a tall lady with a few tweaks and touches. If the item is too long for your legs, the key to look chic is to cuff the ends.
cuffed leg overalls

cuffed leg overalls and blazer


Add more glam to your look by throwing in some adult accessories to the mix. Leather jackets, blazers and embellished accessories can help transcend your aura from farm girl to fashion doyenne.
layered overalls

Go High

When you were young, you have probably worn your jumpers with sneakers. But now that you are an adult, it is time to swap the athletic shoes for haute heels. Not only will it make you look sexier, it can add height to petite ladies.

high heels overalls

Jumpers might be synonymous to childhood, but they can be fashionable pieces – as evidenced in recent fashion weeks. Give your onesies the big old college try by heeding these tips on styling them well.

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