How to Wear Over-the-Knee Boots

Boots are perfect for autumn and winter, as they can keep your feet warm and wonderful. But if you are tired of the usual styles, then you should go ahead and try over-the-knee boots. They might be intimidating to wear at first, but styling them well will surely gain you some acclaim. Here are several ways on how to wear over-the-knee boots like a natural-born fashionista:

over the knee boots and shorts

With a Mini Skirt

Over-the-knee boots were practically made for mini skirts. They can keep your legs warm during these seasons, so you can still wear your favorite skirts. At the same time, it provides a hint of sexiness – as it gives an enticing sneak peak of your lovely legs.

black over the knee boots with tan

over the knee boots and knitwear

over the knee boots trenchcoat

over the knee boots

With a Dress

Over-the-knee boots with a dress is a match made in fashion heaven. Just like the skirt, it can make you look feminine – without showing a lot of skin. If you have plain-colored boots, you can practically wear any printed dress you have in the closet.

over the knee boots and dress

over the knee boots with dress

With Pants

If you’re not in the mood to show your legs (maybe you haven’t shaved them, ha!) then wear your over-the-knee boots with your favorite jeans. Not only will this pairing keep you warm, the right styling can give the illusion of never-ending legs.

over the knee boots with jeans

over the knee boots over pants

With Fur

Looking for a reason to wear your fur coat outside? Go ahead and pair it with your over-the-knee boots. This will make you look so sophisticated – definitely perfect for formal functions and swanky date nights.

over the knee boots fur

With Leather

It does not matter whether you already have leather over-the-knee boots, they will still look well with weather. It’s like a fashion continuation that starts at the hips – and ends at the feet.

over the knee boots leather

With Prints

Unless you have printed over-the-knee boots, such footwear definitely goes great with vibrant designs and styles. If you are feeling more adventurous, why not pick a brightly-colored boot?

colorful over the knee boots

Over-the-knee boots might be unconventional, but they are perfect for all occasions. With the right pairing, they can just be your new pair of stylish shoes!

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