How to Wear Nature-Inspired Fashion

The world of fashion often draws heavily upon the natural world to drive its creativity, giving an impression that nature was the primary inspiration behind every outfit designed. If you’re a nature lover who wishes to show off your artistic vibe, keep on reading for some nature-inspired fashion you may go for.


cute watercolor print dress with socks-and-heels

rainbow colored dress with sunglasses rainbow color fur scarf with pink dress

A huge arch of colors in the sky, rainbows can add some life to your style. If you wish to show your playful and cheery vibe, go rainbow in your colored dresses, bags, shoes, and scarves. Like fashion blogger Jane Aldrige, think of a watercolor paint dress full of rainbow colors, or a rainbow-colored fur scarf that can spice any plain outfits you’re wearing.

Beautiful Creatures

avant-garde dress two tone fur coat leopard print skirt with zebra print top leopard print cape graphic print maxi dress with gold thong sandals fur top with short skirt and ankle boots cobalt blue bag and belt with leopard print pants

Animal print never goes out of fashion, so if you’ve got a few funky animal-print pieces hiding in your closet somewhere, now’s the time to let them out. For a classy and sophisticated vibe, you may go for leopard, snake, or zebra print on your outfit that you can wear from casual walks to the office. Opting for fur coats on colder seasons can be great to resemble those furry yet beautiful creatures. Also, you may draw inspiration from feathery creatures like birds on your outfit designs, graphic prints, and silhouettes.

Wild Forest

fit and flare tropical print dress forest green nature-inspired dress with edgy boots floral maxi skirt

Earthy and organic, forest can be a great inspiration to start with. Like fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni, think of nature-inspired dress with leaf-like designs in green motifs that you can wear on your upcoming Fashion Week shows. For a more wearable look, think of tropical and floral prints that can add some summer feel and feminine vibe to your fashion style.

Black Coals

ruffled black dress with strappy sandals ruffled top with jeans and Valentino shoes avant garde black gown

A sedimentary rock formed by the pressure of rocks, coal is one of the nature’s most treasured minerals. Like fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni, you may go for a black ruffled top that can reflect coal’s structure and nature. Also, cocktail dresses, as well as formal dresses, can be inspired by the mineral through its opulent black shade, ruffles, and tiered styles.

Beautiful Fields

color blocked backless maxi dress watercolor print outfit with printed pumps scenery print skirt with button down shirt and hatfur-coat-with-boot-cut-pants

Apart from trendy graphic prints featuring landscapes and sceneries, go for scenic colors featuring reds, greens, oranges, yellows and such on your outfits to create a nature-inspired look. Even an abstract print maxi dress in these field-inspired colors can channel some nature-inspired look on your street style.

Ocean Waves

aqua blue ombre dress ocean wave inspired dress ocean blue dress

Soothing and calming, ocean view gives off some breezy and light feel to your style. You may think of ombre dresses in the hints of light blue, cobalt blue, navy blue, aqua green, and white that can channel your breezy vibe. Also, prints mimicking splashes of water, ocean waves, and water droplets can be great to create some nature-inspired look on your street looks.

Clouds and Sky

chic white outfit sky inspired dress ombre shirtdress muted color structured dress

Complement the sunny summer sky with your breezy outfit. Think of ombre outfits in the shades of white, gray, and black that can reflect the majestic view from above. Also, ruffled pieces can mimic cloud formations that can be creative and artistic way to wear the nature-inspired look on your street style.


vintage-bag-with-ombre-dress ombre sundress brightly colored ruffled dress with peep toe sandals avant-garde sweater with orange skirt

The sunset palette featuring red, orange, and yellow hues can be great to create some interest in your office and casual looks. Like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, you may opt for a bright yellow dress with ruffles to give off some cheery vibe while orange outfits can make you feel inspired by the setting sun. Indeed, nature-inspired fashion is one of the most artistic styles we may go for to create fashionable looks while showing your love for nature.

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