How to Wear More Color this Year

Last year was all about going minimalistic – as simple as you can get – and for some, that meant temporarily giving up their affairs with bright colors and vibrant hues but this year, it will be all about colors so break out those colorful pieces you’ve stashed to the back of your closets and let’s get it on! Here are some tips on fun and stylish ways to wear more color this year.

  1. Start small – if you’ve been off of colors for a while, donning something bright may seem a tad too overwhelming. Don’t worry, you can always start small and that means wearing colors that are very subtle but not overly neutral like blush pink, soft yellow or other pastel hues.soft blush and white outfit
    softe yellow and gray
  2. One piece at a time – another way to wear more color if you’ve gotten used to wearing neutral ones is to add one colorful piece of clothing item or accessory at a time to an all-neutral look. This piece will serve as your pop of color and will definitely stand out against neutrals.pop of color mustard maxi vest pop of color red shoes
  3. Avoid black – it’s so easy to get caught up in an all-black look when you’re in a hurry to create an outfit that’s stylish and quick but try your best to avoid it whenever you can. Choose more colorful pieces and, when it gets a bit much, anchor it down to other neutrals like beige or black colorful outfit no black outfit
  4. Use your accessories to add color – another easy way to add more color to your look this year is to wear accessories in bright and colorful hues. A pair of red shoes can take a neutral outfit to places in a jiffy and so can a colorful bag or some vibrant head gear.colorful accessories shoes and scarf
  5. Wear more print – prints are the perfect excuse to inject more color into your look. Rainbow stripes, contrasting polka dots, enchanting florals – these are just some of the easiest prints to sport but they sure pack a punch of color to any look.colorful print on print look colorful printed set
  6. Try color blocking – feeling bold and adventurous today? Why not give the color blocking technique a go? It’s easy as long as you know what colors work together and what don’t plus it’s a really bold way to make a statement with your outfit on a certain day.chic and colorful chic color blocked outfit
  7. Layer up – layering is one of the best ways to wear more than one color in one look. Layering is a much more forgiving styling technique and it’s really easy to pull off, too.

colorful outfits and accessories

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