How to Wear Mod Fashion Modernly

Whether seen on catwalks or worn by fashion icons, the 1960’s mod fashion clothes are always in vogue. Characterized by diverse styles from head to toe, mod fashion makes a statement through its subtle mod-inspired accents, bold prints, higher hemlines, flirty overall aesthetic, conservative and classy touches, and chic and stylish style. No doubt, the ’60s mod fashion was the most inspiring and innovating fashion movements of all time that and everyone is encouraged to put their own unique spin on it. Since the swinging 60s trend is varied, keep on reading for guides on wearing mod fashion modernly.

knee-high boots with colorful outfit

oxford shoes and colorful clutch with white dress pointed flats with crop top and coat statement cut-out boots with coat yellow pumps with mod-inspired dress

Though winkle pickers and pillbox hats are the trademarks of mod’s fashion accessories, you may modernize the style by looking for modern accessories that resemble its features. Since winkle pickers are shoes with pointed or sharp looking toes, you may go for oxford shoes that are now getting hotter and hotter or booties and knee-high boots that are just chic on any kind of attire. If you want some heels, go for classic pumps with pointed toes. You may still wear a pillbox hat, a small hat like a flat crown with no brims, or stick to fashionable eyewear and statement jewelry with interesting shapes and styles.

A-line dress with knee boots cobalt blue dress cute A-line dress pastel pink dress with classic pumps emerald green outfit

Early 60s mod fashion was marked by the classic look. The mod is all about crisp, clean, and no-frills pieces. Though the early 1960s mod fashion was greatly influenced by the 50s with glamorous and full-length hemlines, the short hemlines were later embraced for where short skirts and mini dresses ruled to show off those legs with modern day interpretations of those pieces. A-line dresses and baby doll dresses also highlighted in the early 1960s mod fashion. A baby doll dress basically looks like the common clothes for your doll but fits for you. The difference with an A-line dress and a baby doll dress is the absence of waist-fit or empire waistline of most A-line dress from the neckline to the hem. Dresses during this time were of shorter hemlines and embellished by assorted stone, sequins, and pearls that look chic and stylish. For a modern approach to this style, go for A-line skirt or dress styles with boxy shapes like cropped sleeves or even standout buttons. A-line dresses are timeless since they won’t swamp on your figure at all and are easy to dress up or down.

3. collared top with full skirt color blocked dress with cute shoes colorful outfit with cute shoes flourescent top with pencil skirt pastel pink coat with checkered outfit yellow and green dress yellow dress with blue clutch and shoes

To channel your mod fashion, embrace bold and rich colors like red, blue, yellow and such. Fluorescent shirts, colorful halter blouses, and colored leather jackets are part of the 1960s fashion. You may even go for pastel colored coats that fall a few inches above the knees. Color-blocked dresses also give an instant head-turning effect on your outfit. Just keep the rest of your outfit and accessories neutral so they won’t overshadow the dress. If you don’t feel comfortable baring so much leg, try pairing your short dresses and miniskirts with opaque tights that are in bold or neutral tones. Tights are known to make one’s legs look slimmer. When wearing colored tights, keep the rest of your outfit in neutral plain colors so you wouldn’t look overdone and the attention stays on those gorgeous tights. Balance the sexiness of shorter hemlines with more conservative necklines like collared tops, turtlenecks, tailored shirts, or pussy bow blouses. But don’t cover too much because short skirts and mini-dresses dominated the era.

60s mod dress geometric print dress with duffel bag geometric print dress geometric top with leather trousers and coat striped dress with black coat striped dress with transluscent heels

If you’re not a fan of colors, then go for fun and bold prints. Geometric prints have always been a trademark of mod fashion particularly those op-art ones to stand out even in neutral colors. Just look for unique geometric shapes and patterns with interesting and graphic designs that really pop as they’re all authentic mod-inspired designs to try. You may even go for ensembles accentuated by large buttons.

mini skirt with mod outfit miniskirt with boxy top miniskirt with cute top and nude heels

Mid 1960s mod fashion also popularized louder and sexy outfits like miniskirts with a standout color and clean shape. Keep in mind that when wearing miniskirts, always keep your blouse or shirt conservative while showing off your gorgeous legs for a chic and classy vibe. You may go for a chic sweater or cardigan in a great color for you. If you’re not a fan of shorter hemlines, you may go for bell-bottom jeans and colorful shirts that were also known in the late 1960s mod fashion. However, the modern bell-bottom pants have tighter bell-like ends and in considerable length that you may opt for.

Stylish fashion styles in the past decades can still look fashionable and chic when styling it in a modern way with your own unique spin on it.




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