How to Wear Moccasins

Keeps your feet warm during the cold months, moccasins are laid-back and fashionable footwear to opt for when you’re looking for comfort on long days of walking. Basically known for home use, these moccasins can now be seen on street looks. If you’re one of those trendsetters who wish to wear moccasins outside your home, follow these fashionable tricks.

moccasins with jeans and knitted top

moccasins with striped top and denim shorts moccasins with tank top and leather shorts

The more formal brothers of loafers, moccasins are versatile and practical pieces that can make your typical outfits look stylish and laid-back. While loafers have their origins in Scandinavia, moccasins were shoes worn by Native American hunters and tradesmen. Though loafers and moccasins look pretty much the same, they are quite different pieces for where loafers don’t have any laces, while moccasins do in a purely decorative and not a tying function. Also, moccasins have a more prominent sole and are flat shoes, while loafers are basically slip-ons and can have heels. Take note on the material the footwear is made of as the loafers are always supposed to be made from leather while moccasins can be made out of suede. Today, slip-on shoes are made from many fabrics, including canvas, suede, and leather, even though initially there were some rules when it came to them.

moccasins with casual chic outfit moccasins with gray top and skinny jeans moccasins with knitted sweater moccasins with monochrome outfit moccasins with red pants and chic top

If you want a fresh casual style and you could not find anything but your moccasins, then make sure that you have some nice top, skirt or pants so that your shoes are not that noticeable. Even though you are going out in moccasins that does not mean you should dress too casual in order to blend in with the shoes. You may opt for an all-black outfit to make your style look more elegant as black mirrors sophistication than any other colors. These shoes will look great teamed with shorts or skirts, but you can always go casual and style them with jeans. If you want something daring, then go for moccasins with eye-catching patterns that will be for sure suit your casual chic outfit.

moccasins with suede dress and jacket moccasins with stirped shirtdress chevron dress with moccasins

Depending on the fabric and color of moccasins, they can still look formal that can be worn with chic dresses and casual shirt dresses. However, this does not mean that they are to be worn at black tie events or other highly formal settings. Just remember that the more shiny the pair of shoes, the more formal it is. Their design is quite special and sometimes you will look better if you’ll wear them without socks.

moccasins with suede coat moccasins with fur coat moccasins with duffel coat

Shoes version of ugg boots, moccasins definitely look great with layered outfits for colder seasons. Think of trench coat, puffer coat, duffel coat, fur coat, leather jacket and such that complement your footwear. The greatest thing, moccasins provide you great style and comfort intended for colder seasons.


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