How to Wear Minimalist Fashion Outfits Like a Pro

Minimalist attires are in. They might be very simple, but the fact of the matter is they are chic AF! If you want to channel the said style to your current get-ups, then make sure to follow these tips on how to wear minimalist fashion outfits.

Go for Different Textures

Dressing in one color is a basic tenet on how to wear minimalist fashion outfits. While this is very stylish, you can always bump your fashion look up a notch by going for monochromatic attires with different textures. It’s not bad to wear an all-white outfit, but it would help if the top is made from the silk and your bottom is made cotton. The contrast between the textures will definitely add a unique contrast to your chic minimalist attires.

textured outfits

different texture outfit gray outfit

Add Contrast

Going monochromatic is one of the basic tips on how to wear minimalist fashion outfits. But if a single shade is too drab for you, you can always break the fashion rules and go for contrast. While adding white to an all-black outfit is the best way to do so, incorporating a fresh pop of color or print is a welcome entry as well.

contrasting outfit contrasting outfit for spring contrasting minimalist outfit

Be Unique

Want to know how to wear minimalist fashion outfits like a pro? Well the key to pulling it off like a fashion blogger is to be unique. Incorporate unexpected fashion details into the mix. Case in point: the rubber slip-ons worn by the blogger below. It added the peculiar charm that made her minimalist fashion outfit one for the books.

unique outfit unique minimalist outfit

Wear Things Differently

A minimalist fashion outfit need not necessarily be boring. It’s a matter of incorporating a fresh perspective into your outfit. When it comes to how to wear minimalist fashion outfits like a pro, remember to treat things in a different light. Such is the case below – a bedroom robe worn as outerwear. This is just one of the things on how you can add spice to your simple and minimalist attires.

minimalist outfitlayered minimalist outfit


Another one of the helpful techniques on how to wear minimalist fashion outfits is to accessorize. Simple attires are tasteful without a doubt, but too much simplicity can be very boring. Don’t let your attire become too tedious! Add a few accessories here and there – such as a scarf or a floppy hat – to add some spunk into your sophisticated minimalist get-up.

outfit with hat hat outfit scarf outfit

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