How to Wear Matching Set on Your Street Style

If you’re having trouble mixing and matching your ensembles to create a perfect outfit, wearing matching sets is the perfect solution for you. You’ll love matching sets as you can have a stylish outfit instantly by just pairing the pieces together or separately when you get more creative. Though it was popular in the early 90s, this matching set trend has made a comeback and it can definitely make you stand out wherever you go. All you need is to creatively wear the matching sets that suit your mood whether you’re feeling simple, bohemian, feminine, glamorous, and sexy.

blue matching set with statement clutch

cream matching set with leopard print clutch navy matching set with cute shoes navy matching set with lace up shoes

Matching sets come in all different styles, designs, patterns, and colors. Typically, matching sets consist of a crop top and skirt, but you can also scope out matching sets with pants, shorts or skorts. Monochromatic shades can still give the appearance of a matching set without looking boring. If you’re feeling simple and monochromatic, you may choose a plain one-colored matching set with interesting cuts, proportions, and style. Pairing cool tones that match together can produce the same effect too. Just spice up your outfit with some bold accessories, chic sunglasses, a statement clutch, or shoes in some contrasting color.

cut out matching set gray matching set with statement necklace white matching set with monochromatic accessories

When you love some little texture without turning into prints, you may opt for matching sets with textured fabrics like lace, cut outs, crochet, suede, denim and such. Pay attention to proportions as if you’re having a petite frame and covering your whole body with the material, it will just swamp your frame and will draw too much attention to your barely-there stems. Balancing out those proportions means baring some skin with crop tops, shorts, or skirts in considerable length. It’s the perfect way to elongate your body and create the illusion of a longer torso as well as letting you breeze on your midriff.

checkered amtching set with chic sunglasses checkered crop top with matching pants stripes matching set with structured bag chevron print matching set

Matching sets can be a little intimidating as they can look too youthful or cutesy, which might not be the look you’re going for. So, if you love the classic style, you may look for matching sets with classic prints like checks, chevron, stripes, polka dots, and even houndstooth to give your look a statement without looking flashy. If you’re wearing a blue and white striped set, you may opt for a blue or white structured bag or shoes to keep the matching theme going.

floral blue matching set with cute clutch floral blue matching set floral matching set with yellow bag floral pink matching set floral print matching set floral red matching set taylor swift in matching set

If you’re feeling feminine, floral prints are a great choice in your matching set. You may also opt for feminine shades like pink, red, purple, and even pastels to complement your style. Think of feminine shoes like lace-up shoes or classic pumps rather than oxfords or loafers. Also, adding a little more height to your look is the easiest way to play down the amount of matching fabric while you play-up your height as a pair of heeled shoes elongates your legs and matches the rest of your outfit.

tropical print matching set bohemian matching set with hat abstract print matching set

If your style is a little more daring and adventurous, you might want to explore a more vibrant side of this trend with modern, interesting print. Tropical prints, funky prints, tribal prints, and even graphic prints can certainly be a fun and flirty way to show off a bit of skin and pop of print in your looks.

Indeed, matching sets are highly versatile as it goes well with any pairs whenever you feel creative and adventurous. Choose the pair that suits your mood and show off your artistic side with style.


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