How to Wear Lace for the Season

Lace is such a pretty fabric. I always turn to lace whenever I need to make any outfit look and feel extra fab and feminine. It’s one of the most popularly used fabrics in the creation of romantic ensembles such as wedding and prom dresses, too. Now, if you’re thinking wearing lace with an everyday casual look is too much and too dressy, think again! Here are a few suggestions and ideas on how to wear lace for the season.


LACE MINISKIRTminiskirt outfit lace cutout

miniskirt and stripe top

Miniskirts are cute and they’re perfect for the warm spring and summer weather. If you’re looking for something girly and chic to add to your spring wardrobe, why not get yourself a lace miniskirt or two? Pair it up with a denim top or a cami topped with a denim vest for a relaxed, casual look or wear it with something a bit more girly for an ultra feminine look.


LACE DRESSdress made of lace in blue dress white lace with neutral accents

Not fond of wearing miniskirts? Another way you can wear lace this season is to wear a lace dress. Don’t worry, there are tons of styles and designs out there that are perfect for everyday street style looks and that aren’t as dressy and ritzy as prom and wedding dresses. Dress it down even more by wearing it with the right accessories and you have yourself an outfit that other girls would die for.


COLORED LACEcolored yellow and brown lace outfit off shoulder colored blush pink dress lace

When you think lace, you most probably picture something white and bridal-ish but that doesn’t always have to be the case. If you want to avoid any bridal vibes at all costs but you still want to wear lace or if you simply want a more fun and youthful look, you can opt to wear colored lace instead. Pastel colored lace are super hot right now, you should really give them a try.


MIX LACE WITH OTHER FABRICSlace crop top and denim outfit lace and white pants outfit

Another really nice way to wear lace without going over the top is to wear it with other kinds of fabric. Doing this allows you to incorporate more texture into your look which makes your outfit even more interesting. Some of the fabrics that pair really nicely with lace are denim, leather, and even feather.


WEAR LACE WITH PRINTED PIECESprinted lace dress print stripe top and lace crochet shorts

If you’re the type who loves curating outfits that are bold and stunning, you might find the intricate pattern on lace alone a little too simple. If that’s the case, what you can do is to wear your lace piece with other pieces that feature nice prints. Depending on how sheer your lace piece is, you can layer it on as an overlay or wear it as a whole other piece on its own.

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