How to Wear Jewel Tone Trend with Kristina Bazan

Spring is the perfect season to brighten up your look, but if you’re not a fan of neon colors and pastel hues, you can still look spring-inspired with jewel tone trend. Jewel tones resemble gemstones with bold, dynamic, and distinctive colors. Mind behind the Kayture blog, Kristina Bazan is a fashion blogger known for her classy and sophisticated style featuring the elegant hues of jewel tones. If you wish to add some color to your spring looks in an elegant way, keep on reading to scoop some tricks from Kristina on how to wear the jewel tone trend.

Incorporate the jewel toned hues on your accessories.

casual chic outfit with cobalt blue clutch

red stiletto pumps with nude party dress emerald green bib necklace with leopard print pants and chic white blazer

Some of the luxurious jewel tones include ruby red, emerald green, amethyst purple, sapphire blue, topaz yellow and so on. If your wardrobe consists of neutrals and classic prints, think of adding some pop of color with your accessories like necklace, bag, shoes, clutch, sunglasses, hat, scarves and such. Like Kristina, think of wearing an emerald bib necklace that will add some flair to your classic white blazer and leopard print pants that can be perfect for creative offices. Or, think of a red pair of stiletto pumps that can make your neutral colored dress festive and appropriate for a night out look.

Bring on the jewel colors on your outfits.

cobalt blue lace maxi dress red lace blouse with full skirt emerald green dress with tights and belt

If you wish to look vibrant and modern on your spring looks, think of jewel toned dresses, skirts, tops, and trousers that can make you look great. Like Kristina, you may think of a sapphire blue lace dress that will look breezy and chic in the warmer months, especially when summer is near. Or, look festive at the same time classy with a red lace blouse and a full skirt that will look perfect for parties, meetings, and brunches with the girls.

Mix jewel tones with neutral or even bright hues for a modern statement.

emerald green leather jacket with yellow trousers plum accordion skirt with gray blouse metallic blue skirt with black blouse

Depending on your personality, you can tone down your jewel tones with neutral shades or intensify them with bold colors. Like Kristina, you can make a creative and playful statement by teaming your emerald green leather jacket with a pair of yellow trousers on your casual street style. Or make your metallic blue skirt more appropriate in the evening affairs by teaming it with a chic black blouse like Kristina did. If you’re not a fan of bold hues, think of subtle shades of jewel tones like plum or dark red over amethyst and ruby red hues.

Make your look spring-inspired with playful prints in jewel tone hues.

silver and blue dress with heels red and white striped top with shorts fruit print top with miniskirt and floppy hat

Spring is the perfect time to show off your fun prints, especially in jewel tone hues that can make a double statement. Like Kristina, you may go for a sapphire blue themed dress with hints of metallic silver that can give you a party-ready and classy look even without wearing bold accessories. By heeding these tricks from Kristina Bazan, you’ll be able to wear the jewel tone trend in a classy and more expressive way.

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