How to Wear Jelly Sandals

With the surge of trends from the 90s making a comeback today, jelly sandals are once again becoming more and more popular. The difference between the ones you had then versus the ones you can have now is that today’s jelly sandals are much more stylish. They come in a variety of styles and there are even some that don’t look like jelly sandals at all until you look at them up close. If you’re thinking about giving this trend another try, check out these tips and ideas on how to wear jelly sandals.

  1. Try to avoid socks – unless you want to achieve a look that throws you back to the 90s, try to avoid wearing socks with your jelly sandals. This combo just has too much of that 90s look and feel to it, it’s going to be hard to pull off.clear jelly sandals with leather jacket
    hot pink jelly sandals with summer ensemble
  2. Go for modern styles – There are so many jelly sandals and even jelly shoe styles out there to choose from so try not to pick out a pair that looks exactly like the one you had back in the 90s. Thong jelly sandals are seriously the cutest, especially for spring and summer lounging. Even fashion powerhouses like Valentino and Michael Kors have taken the plunge and created their own high end version of this favorite.clear jelly sandals with white trim jeans and jelly sandals
  3. Wear it in color – black and white may seem like a good, safe choice but why not explore the jelly world and try out more exciting and interesting colors? There are a million and one out there including clear jellies with chunks of glitter, metallic ones, even neon ones to brighten up your look!neon orange jelly sandals low heeled jelly sandals with sheer plaid dress
  4. Give heeled jellies a try – yes, there are jelly sandals with heels and you really need to try them out! Jelly sandals now come in platform-style, heels, and even wedges. They’re going to make an adorable addition to your spring and summer wardrobe, for sure.
  5. Look for a pair with embellishments – a pair of jelly flats with embellishments of a different element add a ton of chic to any look. The embellishments could be anything from studs to a metal logo, a 3d floral appliqué or even a playful bow.jelly sandals with bow cute summer dress and thong jelly sandals
  6. Wear it with a dress – the best thing that you can pair your jelly sandals with is a cute summer dress. This combo is perfect if you want something that you can wear for everyday street style looks.

gladiator jelly sandals and plaid dress metallic jelly sandals


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