How to Wear Gingham Trend

It may sound like an improbable pattern for a fancy dress, but gingham pattern has been fashioned into gingham dresses and casual separates down the runways. Its white and colored, even-sized checks can simply be worn with anything that’s made the pattern one of the most typical, versatile, and stylish design to opt for. To make a trendy statement, let’s take a quick look at the following styling tricks on how it can be worn on the streets.

gingham shoes and top with jeans

gingham shoes with dress gingham print scarf with neutral outfit

If you feel like gingham pattern is only perfect for summer picnics, you may start small incorporating the pattern into your accessories to partake with the trend. Think of headbands, scarves, shawls, handbags, belts, and even shoes that can make a statement with your simple outfit. For a classic statement, you may wrap a gingham shawl on your neck with a trench coat and neutral ensembles. But, for a modern style, go for wilder shades of gingham pattern that’s now available in pink, blue, red, purple, green, yellow, orange and such. Gingham pumps in feminine shades keep your street style creative but tamed.

gingham button down shirt with pants gingham pink blouse with maxi skirt gingham shirt with cut out skirt gingham shirt with tropical print skirt gingham top with asymmetrical skirt gingham top with denim jacket and skirt

A gingham patterned top can be your statement piece whether it’s a button-down shirt, peplum blouse, off-shoulder top, structured blazer, basic tee, tank top and such. You can wear them with neutral colored bottoms in the shades of white, black, navy, brown, gray or other classic shades present in your pattern. Also, you can wear a gingham pattern top with a printed bottom as long as you keep them complementing to each other either choosing a similar scale or similar shade. If you feel too eye-catching with your patterned top, just throw on a solid colored blazer or jacket to keep it tamed.

crop top with gingham skirt gingham maxi skirt with feminine top gingham pants with black top gingham pants with bright top gingham pants with tank top

Gingham pattern in midi skirt, maxi skirt, or even pants are great to show off your stylish print in an intentional way. Black and white are classic options that will get you out of your everyday rut, without making you feel like you’ve taken the biggest plunge of all. Just keep your top on the same shade of your pattern whether it’s black, white, pink, blue, or green to balance the outfit since your bottom is a statement-making already. If you can match your accessories like belt, bag, and shoes with the shades of your print, then it can be a stylish statement.

black and white gingham dress gingham coat with ripped jeans gingham dress with cute shoes gingham shirt dress with hat

If you’re still in doubt on how to accessorize a gingham shirt or bottom, you may go for a gingham dress instead as you won’t need to accessorize them with the same print. A gingham dress would go well with a pair of nude shoes, chic hat, sunglasses, and even pearl necklace without overdoing your looks.

gingham pants and dress cute gingham outfit

If you want to show off your love for the trend, then you could wear gingham pattern head-to-toe. Jumpsuits and matching sets are a greater statement than dresses. Just make sure that the patterns match perfectly with the rest of your ensembles for an elegant and polished look.



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