How to Wear Football Fashion

Whether you wish to watch your favorite football team to play the game or who prefers to wear the sporty theme on the streets, your style shouldn’t be a missed field goal. So, avoid a fall football fashion faux pas with our easy styling tricks to stay stylish all season long.

  1. Resort to a football jersey or sporty dress.

football jersey

sporty shirtdress with sneakers sporty outfit with bomber jacket sporty dress with chic boots football sporty dress with heels

If tailgating means running into old college friends why not show up slightly dressed up? Get game-ready in a football jersey or a sporty shirtdress worn with comfy heels or even sneakers. However, to avoid looking like you’re heading to a football game as a player, team your sporty outfit with a pair of heeled sandals or boots like fashion Micah Gianneli did. Finishing your looks with a moderate amount of jewelry will make your style more fashion-forward at the same time sporty.

  1. Opt for a sporty varsity striped top or wear your team colors.

football inspired outfit sporty top with frayed shirts sporty tee with skinny pants sporty shirt with tulip skirt sporty crop top with shorts sporty chic outfit football leather uniform sporty top with leather shorts and wedge sneakers

For a sporty-chic inspiration, why not add a hint of your team’s colors in an unexpected way? Sporting shirts with team logos, as well as varsity stripes can make your street looks a bit bold and daring. Just add some laidback touch to your top piece by teaming it with jogger pants, denim cut-offs, or track pants. Zipper-detail leggings paired with a plaid could give you a great style while supporting your sports team. Just always have a light denim jacket on-hand in case you head somewhere post-game to celebrate.

  1. Wear some knee-high socks with your shoes or sandals.

football socks with uniform winter outfit with socks and shoes sporty sweater with socks pop art coat with socks and sandals high socks and sneakers with camel coat

Wearing high socks with sneakers looks very football-inspired, but if you wish some trendy vibe, resort to a pair of sandals, pumps, or boots instead. Wearing socks with sandals used to be a fashion faux pas, but can now be considered trendy depending on how you wear them. Like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, keep everything sleek and polished by resorting to a neutral palette and a chic coat.

  1. Top your outfits with bomber or varsity jackets.

bomber jacket with all black outfit and cap toe mules sporty jacket with palazzo pants sporty-bomber-jacket-with-striped-top-and-socks-with-loafers football bomber jacket

A casual outfit or a feminine dress topped with a sporty varsity stripe makes it not so formal yet effortless. Just keep yourself comfortable but fabulous in a bold-colored top or even a bright clutch, especially if it matches your team’s jersey. Or, keep everything sleek and chic in neutral tones with a structured, neutral jacket for layering.

  1. Trade those football cleats with sneakers.

wedge sneakers with bomber jacket football team outfit with sneakers baseball cap with sporty outfit baseball cap with jersey

Since you won’t be running in the streets, you don’t have to go for football cleats with spiked soles. Just go for ones with simple or colorful design, as long as it’s not flashy as sequins and not as colorful as neon shades. Wedge sneakers may still channel the sporty vibe, with canvas ones without any heels or wedges will look more football-inspired, so better resort for them instead. Indeed, a sporty look is one of the fashion-forward styles every woman should try. Whether you’re a fan of football, tennis, or other sports, wear your creative looks on the streets.

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