How to Wear Flats

How to Wear Flats

There’s certainly a way to learn how to wear flats. Each type of shoe has its own sole and heel curve and shape. It’s easy to identify one from another and definitely easier to walk in them as well. Summer is a great season to learn how to wear flats as they are the most suitable shoes for beach escapades, strolling in the streets, or having outdoor fun. If you intend to wear flats as much as possible in this sunny period, go ahead and take all the time you got. It won’t be long till you already know how to carry yourself and walk like a boss in this season’s trendy footwear.For sure, you’ll enjoy these fashionista days and who knows, maybe even continue to wear flat shoes in the next seasons to come.

Here are the types of flats and how to wear them:

1. Point Toe or Ballet Flats. You can’t just get enough of these because they’re cute and sexy. There’s no other way to wear them but with either a shocking color or a muted one. If going for a bright color, go for a contrasting outfit. Try something dull, muted , or nude. Do vice versa if opting to wear muted pointed shoes.




2.Steel Toe Shoes. Your toes are quite protected and they’re good for self defense. No kidding. Just walk in them like you would a steel-less edge of a shoe. Metallic clothes plus metallic shoe? Go ahead, but a little plain neutral for clothes won’t hurt too.








3. Gladiator Sandals. Get a backbone, straighten it up, and keep your head high, and feet on the ground. That’s how you walk in roman flats.All the other summer trends will be perfect to mix and match with these whether they’re lace shorts, maxi dresses, maxi skirts, or any print that will blow you away.





4. Caged Sandals. They can be gladiators with more coverage or shall we say, straps. Wear them the way you would outfit a pair of gladiator flats.




5. Ankle Straps. These will never slip off your feet as the straps are secure enough to cling around the ankle.