How to Wear Culottes this Summer

Airy bottoms are perfect for this scorching summer heat. With that being said, you should forget your skinny jeans for the mean time and make a switch to a more refreshing alternative: culottes. Here are some tips on how to wear culottes this summer.

Find your Form

Culottes are very loose and airy – so it is a must that you wear a form-fitting top to balance it. It can be a tank top or a bodycon tee. Tuck it in for best results, as this will showcase your waist – given the high-waisted nature of most culottes. With the many body-shaping options out there, you will not run out of ideas on how to wear culottes this summer.

tank top outfit

fitted top outfit

Outstanding in an Off-Shoulder Top

An off-shoulder top is one of the blouses that you ought to wear this summer. Not only does it show your shoulders, it comes with the trendy boho vibe as well. With that being said, the said blouse should be a top priority when it comes to how to wear culottes this summer. Since showing skin is a trademark of this season, an off-shoulder top is a respectful way to bare your skin – so you can manage to wear your favorite culottes at the office.

off shoulder outfit off shoulder top

Chic in Crop

A crop top is something that you should definitely wear this summer. Since it is form fitting, it can help balance the loose look of your culottes. Wearing a crop top in an opposing color is one of the best ways how to wear culottes this summer, although you can choose an associated hue as well (more of that in the next section.) Wear a jacket or shawl over if you want to be able to take this look to the office.

crop top crop top outfit

Move in Monochrome

Colorful clothes are summer must-wears, but it wouldn’t hurt if you choose to trek the monochromatic path. In fact, wearing the same (or related) colors is one of great ways how to wear culottes this summer. A monochromatic look from top to bottom can give you a sleek and structured look that’s perfect for the office or other more formal events.

monochromatic culotte monochromatic outfit

Prints are Perfect

While plain-colored culottes are definitely sophisticated, it wouldn’t hurt to wear prints as well. With that being said, one of the ways on how to wear culottes this summer is to go printed. In fact, the bolder print, the better. As for the top, wear a simple, plain-colored one – you wouldn’t want clashing prints to overpower you.

printed culottes floral culottes

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