How To Wear Crop Tops

Ways to Wear Tummy-bearing Shirts

1. Wear it loose. This is a classy tip on how to wear crop tops. It could either be that the top is plain or printed. For the bottom, you can match with pants or skirt, short or long, straight or A-line, printed or non-printed, sheer or not see-through, or whatever cut there is.


The ruffle drop crop top is great to wear with a straight skirt or pants. This kind of crop top is great to have in trendy colors for summer. Make the most of wearing crop tops by experimenting with silhouettes and color.howtowearcroptops2

Neutral crop tops are perfect for an outfit canvass instead of white. That’s how you wear it, and it’s up to you to choose if you’ll be putting color into other parts of your out-fit, stay neutral all over, or go bare as in no accessories for a minimalist attire.



For a crop top to really get the spotlight, you need some eye-popping colors on it or unique print. Even if it comes in black and white, you’ll save yourself any effort for attention because it’ll work on its own. Some glitz would add attitude to the outfit as well. This top should be worn with a plain skirt, shorts or jeans in which has the same color as one on the shirt.



Opt to wear it with a print that is cute and unusual for a girl to wear. You can go boyish on the top and go super feminine with a skirt down under.


Crochet is cool for the beach. Have it in a variety of colors to choose from.


The crop top with cape back is breath-taking enough for windy places.


Accessorize with plain tops.


And for a crop top to work on a plain bikini bottom, wear as much print as you like.


2. Wear it fit. There’s nothing as fine as this especially when the air is too breezy.





3. Wear it with a matching bottom- same color, same print.



4. Wear it with a jargon statement. And then again, prints stand out when worn with a plain bottom.