How to Wear Colors and Prints with Sarah Mikaela

Color and prints can add some personality to your style while adding some interest to your outfits. However, wearing colors and prints might seem challenging if you’re aiming for a timeless look, and a fan of neutral pieces. Mind behind the Framboise Fashion, Sarah Mikaela is a Danish Australian style blogger known for her easy street looks featuring basic pieces spiced up with colors and prints. If you’re looking for inspiration to refresh your basics and add some colors and prints to your style, keep on reading to scoop some tricks from her.

Let your color or print the focus on your outfit.

burgundy pants with hat and clutch

quirky animal print silhouette matching set orange floral dress with lace up sandals denim on denim outfit with mules

The easiest way to wear colors and prints is to make your overall look simple while letting your detail makes the statement. Like Sarah, an orange floral print dress can be enough to add some flair to your looks, so skip embroidered blazers and colorful accessories. Instead, polish your style with matching colors on your accessories. Wearing a denim-on-denim look with an ombre shirt featuring the shades of blue can also be great to look cohesive on your style.

Spice up your basic pieces with printed ensembles.

polka dots skirt with white tee striped trousers with white top and lace up heels striped top with black pants striped skirt with white blazer and sneakers printed pants with button down shirt

Whether you’re heading to the office, or a minimalist woman with a wardrobe full of basics, prints can make your style more fashionable so team them with your plain pieces. A creative or casual workplace is a great place to wear prints with your basics as teaming plain with prints is a timeless way of looking elegant yet fashion-forward. A button-down shirt can be spiced up with a pair of printed pants, while your black trousers will look more interesting with a striped top. You may actually team your sporty and chic basics with printed ensembles like Sarah did to make your street style modern and carefree.

Add a pop of color to your neutral outfits.

bright skirt with leather jacket and socks with shoes yellow skirt with gray sweater jeans with yellow blazer and leopard sneakers cobalt blue tee with white trousers

If you’re not confident wearing fluorescent and blinding colors, start with your neutral pieces that will look vibrant with colored ensembles. Wearing a bright yellow skirt with your gray sweater or a cobalt blue tee with your white trousers can update your basics creatively. Like Sarah, make everything look intentional so you’ll look more confident on your style. Think of breaking some fashion rules like wearing socks with sandals while donning your brightly colored skirt, or add some eccentric flair with your leopard print sneakers like Sarah did.

Wear unexpected color combinations.

green top with blue jeans red pants with blue blazer orange blazer with red pants and striped tee

Wearing purple with yellow or pink with red used to be a fashion faux pas, but is now considered trendy and bold. Like Sarah, start with your casual street style by teaming your blue jeans with a green shirt that looks effortless yet a bit eccentric. Or, go for a pair of colorful sneakers that will go well with a blue blazer and red pants. By heeding these easy tricks from Sarah, you’ll be able to wear colors and prints seamlessly on your street looks.

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