How to Wear Black Fashion with Cindy van der Heyden

The black fashion can be distinguished as classy, mysterious, and even rebellious depending on how you wear it. It may be unique with other colors as it goes well with almost everything, but it may be tricky wearing all-black head-to-toe. While there’s no “right” way to wear black, there are many ways to make a great black outfit. Mind behind the “Come Over to the Dark Side We Have Candy” blog, Cindy van der Heyden is a Netherland-based style blogger known for her dark fashion style obsessed with black, leather, designer shoes, and such. If you’re looking for fashion-forward tricks on how to embrace black in your street style, keep on reading to scoop some of her tricks.

Vary your fabric and textures.

layered outfit with skinny pants and peep toe boots

sporty tee with black leather jogger pants leather trousers with wool coat and sneakers leather jacket with jeans and boots

Indeed, nothing looks dowdier than an all-black outfit that is all cotton. Like Cindy, think of wearing your leather trousers with a wool coat over patent leather jackets and your black skinny jeans with your chiffon blouses and knits. Leather that’s strong and tough will look great when paired with free-flowing or softer fabrics, but be careful teaming it with silk that’s also smooth, shiny, and sleek to avoid looking monotonous on your style.

Make your fabrics season-appropriate.

black blazer with denim shorts and structured bag leather skirt with chic white top leather jacket with tank top and skinny jeans black leather leggings with button down shirt and shawl

Not all black clothes are created equally as different black fabrics will have different textures that can affect the way they look and feel on you. Remember, a black wool dress will look fabulous in the fall, but out-of-place during the summer and silk or linen makes it easier to pull off the all-black look during the warmer months. Knowing these variations will allow you to experiment and create the ideal black outfit. Black leather jackets can give a tough “biker” look while blazers generally give a sleek look depending on the fit of your topper. For a casual look in the summer, you may go for black ensembles made from cotton which is more breathable and comfortable. For cooler months, you may resort to polyester that’s less breathable, but resistant to wrinkling.

Go for a flattering fit.

black lace dress with boots red leather jacket with black outfit black outfit with chambray shirt black leather jacket with white dress and peep toe boots

When putting together a black-on-black, fit becomes even more important. Take advantage of the fact that black is slimming and have the clothes be more fitted and flattering, rather than shapeless and drab. Like Cindy, spice up your black pieces with a red leather jacket that will give you a great illusion of a slimmer figure when contrasted with a black outfit.

Add interest with accessories.

structured bag with blazer and skinny pants sneakers with black dress ripped skinny jeans with black top and leopard pumps cut out sandals with black leather torusers and bomber jacket

Bold, colorful jewelry can add some statement to your outfit. But if you’re a minimalist type of girl, architectural heels, leopard print pumps, and canvas sneakers may be enough to dress up your black outfits. Indeed, black clothing is timeless so wear the black fashion with style by following these handful tricks.