How To Wear Asymmetric Skirt

All aboard! The fashion bandwagon for this skirt is on full swing and you don’t want to miss it.

It’s a trending skirt that everyone from celebrities like Taylor Swift and Blake Lively to the street style stars like Miroslava Duma are adding to their summer wardrobe. Asymmetric skirt. And you fellow fashionistas might want to jump into this fashion bandwagon soon.

To help you, we have some helpful tips on making that uneven hemline look you want to aim seamless and smooth. Here’s how to wear asymmetric skirts stylishly.

First off, you have to know what will flatter your body type. And this has a lot to do with your legs. Shorter skirts flatter women with longer legs. Whereas maxi skirts look best in women with shorter legs as these skirts create an illusion of a longer and more slender frame.

black asymmetric skirt

dress with asymmetric skirt

With that said, the uneven hemline of an asymmetric skirt can work up to your advantage. If you have a tall and slender frame, short to midi length skirt with a ruffled hemline would look good at you.

asymmetric skirt and boots

For those with a petite body, you either want the kind of asymmetric skirt that appears to have a one slit on the side or any asymmetric skirt the shortest length of which falls to your mid-thigh while the longest length falls past the knees. You have to remember that the more dramatic the difference of the shortest and longest length, the leaner you will look.asymmetric skirt black

Another thing you want to keep in mind while adding an asymmetric skirt into an outfit of the day is the accompanying pieces you’ll incorporate with it. That uneven hemline is designed so for the dramatic effect for any outfit. And you don’t want to overshadow that effect with equally attention-grabbing tops or shoes.plaid asymmetric skirt

But you also have to consider the skirt itself for this. If your skirt is printed in bold prints or patterns, you want to pair it with shoes and tops in neutral colors like black, white, or nudes. If the asymmetric skirt is in solid neutral color, then pairing it with statement tops or decorative shoes is great.asymmetric printed skirt

PAris Fashionweek ss2015 day 4

You may have an initial impression that asymmetric skirts can only be worn with particular pieces. But the great news is it’s versatile! You can wear it with any other article of clothing for any kind of event. When to wear asymmetric skirts runs the gamut from weekend brunches, Friday night outs with the girls or, for those fortunate few, during work. There are tailored asymmetric skirts and there are those that are flowing kind.

And the best thing about this uneven-hemmed sartorial perfection is its closet life which you can extend onto asymmetric skirtasymmetric car wash skirt and leopard boots

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