How to Wear and Shop for Wardrobe Basics

Quality counts over quantity when it comes to building a timeless wardrobe full of basics. Whether you’re on a tight budget or you just want to be more organized, wardrobe basics make quality affordable and keep everything streamlined. Just keep on reading for our guidelines about wearing and shopping for wardrobe basics.

  1. Don’t buy everything at once, but by season.

cute summer dress with blazer

shirt dress with leather jacket and shawl puff sleeved dress with wool coat plaid coat with skinny jeans

No matter how basic your ensembles are, replacing an entire wardrobe costs a fortune. So, the key is not to buy everything at once, but by season. Generally, lighter spring and summer clothes tend to be less expensive than heavier winter garments, so this is the best time to start shopping if you haven’t got much money. The challenge was to create as many unique outfits as possible with the fewest clothes possible. So better invest to basic separates and toppers that you can wear with layers in the colder months. If you buy wisely, you’ll have a complete wardrobe of good quality garments after just four seasons with everything you need for work and play.

  1. Go for clothes that correspond with your lifestyle and job.

camel coat with office outfit and boots pastel keyhole dress with denim jacket leather trousers with sneakers and jacket lace blouse with accordion skirt

Whether you’re working in a corporate office or spend most of your time on the casual setting, you must invest in clothes that correspond with your lifestyle and job. Skirts, trousers, suits, dresses, tops, blouses, sweaters, jackets, jeans, and coats are the basic items every well-dressed woman needs in her closet. If you’re working in a formal office, two or three suits in black, gray, and white provide the looks you need, which you can mix and match. Also, think of three blouses and skirts that match all three suits. A camel coat, wool coat, and trench coat can also be great too. The only trouble with navy in a corporate environment is that it doesn’t go well with black and brown, so it may limit mixing and matching ability. If you find yourself in less formal surroundings, you could go for jeans, leather trousers, and jackets in place of suits.

  1. Opt for colors that flatter you.

all black outfit with sling bag trench coat with classic outfit and canvas sneakers rust coat with gray jeans and turtleneck pastel pink coat

You can tell what type of colors flatter you by looking in a mirror and holding a piece of pure white fabric to your neck. If your face looks sallow, yellowish, olive, or golden, you need warm colors. On the other hand, if your face looks rosy or pink, you need cool colors. For an office wardrobe, your basics should be of solid, neutral, interchangeable colors. Darker hues are great for fall and winter while lighter hues for spring and summer.

  1. Select classic designs that won’t go out of fashion too quickly.

black cape with red trousers and leather gloves wide leg pants with coat and turtleneck shirtdress with denim shorts and camel bag camel coat with leather shorts and grunge boots

When buying clothes off the racks, pay attention to texture and cut as you do to color. Though oversized silhouettes are trendy, tailored and structured styles will give you a lifetime benefit as they never go out of style. Remember that rough or heavy textures should be contrasted with smooth textures to set off their structure. A cotton shirtdress, for example, looks better with a pair of rough denim shorts than with a lightweight fabric. Wardrobe basics should be made to last and a garment with faddy trimmings can’t be termed a ‘basic’ as it will be out of style soon. However, go for ones that gives you comfort and don’t restrict your movements.

  1. Maximize your basic pieces with stylish accessories.

structured vest with camel skirt and white blouse gray coat with edgy boots and pastel pink bag classic outfit with orange sling bag camel coat with skinny scarf and tote bag

Remember, a less extensive wardrobe certainly doesn’t have to be a limiting one. Think of all the things you could do to an all-white or all-black outfit. Faddy accessories are very useful, especially colorful bags, architectural shoes, statement belts, skinny scarves, and costume jewelry that will keep your basics looking interesting, and up to date. If you use accessories well, nobody will ever notice you’ve been wearing the same clothes for the past three years.

Indeed, you don’t need an extensive wardrobe as with just a few basics, you’ll never be short of something to wear no matter what the occasion.

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