How to Wear an Oversized Shirt

Oversized shirts are the perfect addition to any wardrobe. They’re comfy and they’re super easy to wear as well. If you’re the kind who prefers comfy looks, this is something you should never be without. However, because it is a bit on the oversized side, you might find that styling this piece to make it look chic and posh is a little tricky as it is so easy to look sloppy in anything oversized. But don’t worry, we’ve got some tips, tricks and ideas for you on how to wear an oversized shirt.

  • TUCK IT IN – if your oversized shirt isn’t too baggy and you think you can pull it off but just need to make a few tweaks here and there to make it look chic, how about tucking it in? You don’t have to do a full tuck if you don’t feel like it, too. Tucking your shirt in is a great way to add more structure to your otherwise loose tee. You can do this with any bottoms of your choice – be it pants, short, skirt or what not.

tucked oversized button up

tucked oversized shirt in denim skirt

  • KNOT IT UP – not a fan of the tucked shirt look? How about tying a knot and giving your outfit a cooler over all look. This is a better alternative to tucking your shirt if you have a regular tee instead of a button up. If you’re up for something different, try the side knot or try knotting your shirt up in the back to get that off duty model look. It’s a styling trick to use if you’re wearing your oversized shirt with jeans.

knotted oversized striped shirt knotted gray shirt

  • TURN IT TO AN OFF SHOULDER TOP – if what you’ve got is a rather baggy oversized shirt and you’re looking for a way to turn it into something chic, how about DIYing it and turning it onto an off shoulder top or dress? This requires very basic sewing skills so you can do it even if you’re not an expert seamstress / DIYer.

off shoulder outfit from oversized shirt off shoulder oversized shirt

  • DIY IT INTO A MUSCLE SHIRT – another DIY project that you can make with an oversized shirt is a muscle tee. A muscle tee is great for summer. It’s light and easy and you can wear it on top of a cute crop top or bralette and finish of with denim cut offs for a sexy everyday summer look.

muscle tee diy from oversized shirt muscle tee outfit

  • WEAR IT WITH LEGGINGS OR TIGHTS – one of the things that I like about oversized shirts is that they look and feel super comfy and if you’re like me and you’re all about comfort as well, all you really need to rock an oversized shirt is a pair of leggings (and some chic accessories to finish off the look, of course). This combo makes for a great everyday go-to outfit.

leggings and shirt outfit leggings and shirt


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