How to Wear a Suit Street Style

Suits are no longer just for men anymore. Today, suits are becoming more and more popular with women which is why it should come as no surprise to you to see more of these in a workplace dominated by the ladies. However, the suit is not just for the office, at least not to the fashionista. The suit is a piece that you can wear just about anywhere. Here are some ideas on how to wear a suit street style.

  • PICK A BOLD COLOR – neutral colors like black, brown and navy are great if you’re looking for a suit to wear to work but if you’re looking for something that you can wear to create a fabulous street style outfit, go for the bolder colors and the crazier hues. A suit in a fun color is always a great way to make a statement. It takes away the business side of the suit and gives it a more fun and playful vibe.

bright red suit outfit

bright yellow suit outfit

  • SPORT COOL PRINTS – another really easy way to wear suits and give it a street style vibe is to wear it with a cool print pattern. Prints and patterns never fail to liven up a plain and simple look so it’s perfect for adding that element of fun to what is otherwise just another outfit you wear to work.

printed green suit printed suit outfit

  • MIX AND MATCH – tired of wearing the same pieces over and over again? Let loose and have some fun mixing and matching different pieces from different suits to come up with a chic and unique look that’s sure to catch the eye of other fashionistas out there. If you don’t know where to start, how about wearing those jet black trousers with that immaculately white blazer jacket?

mismatched gray and blue suit mismatched skirt suit outfit mismatched suit street style look

  • OPT FOR LESS STRUCTURE – a structured suit is exactly what you need to look sharp at the office but that’s the opposite of what you want to go for if you’re doing street style. Go for slouchier pieces to get more of that laidback vibe going on in your look. Aim for a softer silhouette compared to the stiff one you would usually go for when wearing a suit to work.

slouchy white summer suit slouchy suit fress off the runway

  • GET SEXY – for a surefire way to add a street style vibe to your suit, wear it sexy. Ditch the shirt like the celebs do on the red carpet, opt for shorts instead of trousers, go for an oversized blazer and wear it like a dress – add your own sexy twist to a suit and see it go from being a work wardrobe staple to a street style must have.

sexy suit outfit no undershirt sexy suit outfit

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