How to Wear A Maxi Skirt

Ways to Wear A Maxi Skirt

1. Daywear. How to wear a maxi skirt in the day is as easy as pulling off any outfit. There is no rule for colors. Yet it is nice to see women wearing bright, pastel, and muted colors during daytime.
























2. Brown. We’ve always thought nudes are classy, but brown has also been the new black if you look into the trend timeline. You’ll never look shabby in chocolate shades as long as you wear them with any neutral hue.


3. Teeny. Who says pastel colors are only for the adolescents? Dare to go light on color and you’ll look and feel as sweet as cake and cream.


4. Full. The bigger, the better. You can wear it plain or printed. If you wear it in a bold color, it will definitely grab attention as well as when you wear it with shiny embellishments.



5. Belted. To add style to a maxi, one must wear a belt over it. A metallic one will spark up the outfit and it’s an upgrade that even a crop top or any accessory cannot give.


6. Hot Pink. There’s never a new pink. Maxi skirts look more feminine in a rosy shade. Collect shades of pink from honeysuckle to fuchsia to salmon to raspberry, to neon to carnation to blush and all the other pinks you can find.



7. Dull. Miuccia Prada is fond of muted and rather boring colors but she manages to make masterpieces with them through her designs. To wear such shade in a maxi skirt is not a risk but an advantage to upgrade your look. Not all women like these colors but you can beautify yourself in maxis worn with a chic belt or blazer.


7. Bold. Would you rather say daring and fashion forward? Maxi skits tend to look so hot when they’re full, high-waisted, and super flexible with your every move. wear it with the complete look- statement earrings, top, jacket, belt, puse, arm party and high heels. What a look for the upcoming fall/winter season!




8. Plain. When it’s plain, choose a gauzy, thin, or airy fabric. For color, go bold.


9. Sheer. The new way to wear sheer is in prints. Try it.


10. Glitzy. Combine it with non-glimmer top and rhinestones, or better yet, diamonds.