How to Wear a Classic Red Lip

Red is one of the most popular go-to lip colors for a lot of women and it’s not hard to see why. Red lips are gorgeous, bold, sexy and chic yet they’re a timeless classic that works every time for everyone. Don’t you just love how easy it is to pull off red lips? Just a swipe of the gorgeous crimson stick on your lips and you’re all set for the day! If you’re a first timer, you may still feel a little overwhelmed from all the color that’s going on your lips but, trust me, it’s not gonna feel like anything after you put your lipstick on. To help you make those puckers stand out even more, check out these tips on how to wear a classic red lip.

  • Matte red lips – classic red lips are very versatile and can be worn all year long, any time of the day, anywhere and with just about any outfit. If you’re looking for a way to make this strong color a little bit more daytime-friendly, though, you can wear it matte. Wearing red lipstick without the shine or gloss gives it a bit more of an easy and laidback look.

daytime matte lip

matte red lips

  • Retro style – one really popular way to wear red lipstick is to wear is with a retro-ish vibe. Bright red lips were pretty popular even back in the day and everyone who’s anyone sported red lips as a symbol of their wealth and beauty. To get a retro-inspired look, choose a really bright red lipstick color, swipe it on your lips and pair it with a fierce wing tip liner on your eyes.  If you want to go all out on the retro look, you can do a matte porcelain face and then arch your brows a little higher up.

dark hair red lips retro style clean retro look retro inspired taylor swift look

  • Glossy red lips – red lips are already sexy but if you want to take the sexy level of your look up a notch, wear your red lips glossy / shiny. You can do this by going for a high-shine red lipstick or by wearing your regular lipstick (any kind of finish: satin, glossy, matte, semi-matte, etc.) and topping it off with a generous amount of either clear or red lip gloss.

juicy glossy red lips sexy red lips high shine glossy red lips

  • Everyday ordinary – if you think red lips should only be worn to parties and other special occasions, think again! As I’ve said earlier, red lips are very versatile and can be worn anytime, any day and that includes every single day. Wear it with your casual outfits, wear it to work, wear it with your street style looks, wear it to the beach, to the park – just wear it every single day if you want to. The key to making red lips look perfect for everyday ordinary looks is to team it up with simple and natural makeup looks. Keep the face bare and simple and liven up your look with a red lip for a posh and sophisticated everyday look.

no makeup red lips everyday ordinary red lips easy red daytime look

  • A la Kim Kardashian – one of the most gorgeous red lips I’ve seen on celebs belong to Kim Kardashian and, to be honest, I don’t think anyone else can pull it off quite like her. The way she wears the classic red lip just makes the look a whole lot sexier and more seductive because she always has it paired with a sultry smoky eye. Yep, even at daytime. You can do this, too, if you’re bold enough. A daytime smoky eye (with earthy colors instead of black) would also look pretty if you think a full on dark smoky eye is too much for you.

smoky eye makeup and red lips red smoky eye earth toned smoky eye and red lips

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