How to Wear a Cardigan Sweater

With the temps falling and the air getting chillier by the day, I bet you already have just about every kind of outerwear in your wardrobe waiting to be worn. One of the many things that I love about fall and winter is that it gives you the freedom to layer and wear cute outerwear. On the list of my favorite outerwear are the classic trench coat, the edgier leather jacket and the very casual and laidback cardigan sweater. If you love this gorgeous cold weather as much as I do, read on and see the different ways to wear a cardigan sweater.

  1. OVERSIZED – an oversized cardigan sweater gives off a warmer and cozier feel. It is best paired with either skinny jeans or leggings if you want a nicely balanced silhouette. You can wear just about anything underneath your oversized sweater cardigan which is why it makes an easy go-to outerwear for the fall and winter.oversized fluffy gray sweater
    oversized neutral cream sweater
  2. KNITTED – another really awesome way to wear a cardigan sweater is to wear it knitted. Knitted cardigan sweaters, I find, are so much more comfortable and a lot warmer and cozier than any other kind of sweater cardigan. I like chunky knits like cable knits best because aside from being really warm, they’re super cute, too, and they make the perfect outerwear for casual everyday outfits.knitted cardigan sweater jennifer aniston knitted cardigan sweater
  3. DRAPED – draped cardigan sweaters are fun and they have a more unique look to them that you won’t get with the usual cardigan sweater. The draped layers add texture and dimension to your outfit and it also gives off the perfectly casual and relaxed vibe that you can wear with just about any of your everyday looks.drape sweater cardigan in gray paired with ripped jeans drape sweater cardigan
  4. WITH PRINTS AND/OR PATTERNS – if you’re looking for a more vibrant and lively way to wear your cardigan sweater, you can always opt for a printed one or one with cute and colorful patterns on it. If you feel your outfit is a bit too dark, dull and autumn-y, a printed cardigan sweater is the best way to go.print pattern sweater cardigan printed cardigan sweater tribal print design
  5. ACCESSORIZED WITH A BELT OR SCARF – accessorizing your cardigan sweater can take your outfit to the next level. The best accessories to add to a cardigan sweater include a scarf and a belt. If you want extra warmth, go ahead and top off your cardigan sweater with a scarf. If you have one that’s a bit too oversized and you don’t think you can pull it off, you can always give your outfit more shape and definition by simply cinching your cardigan sweater with a cute belt.

accessorized with a belt accessorized with a scarf

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