How to Wear a Cape

There are lots of ways to keep yourself warm once the temps start to drop and fall starts to set in but if you want to look unique and stunning, you have to have something that will turn heads and make the people look. Sweaters, jackets, blazers and coats are all ordinary and every other person is wearing it. If you’re looking for something that you can top off your outfit with and something that will stand out from the crowd, why not try a cape? It’s chic, it’s dramatic and it’s functional. It’s very unique, too, but it can be a little tricky to wear if you don’t know how. Here are some tips on how to wear a cape without looking like Charles Dickens… or a superhero.

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  • Choose classic colors – if you’re unsure about wearing a cape, start off by trying the trend out the safe way and that is to wear it in a classic, neutral color. Wearing something tricky like a cape in a neutral color will help you mix and match it with the rest of your outfits easier. Unless you’re feeling really frisky and bold, classic colors are enough since the cape’s silhouette in itself is already a statement maker.

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  • Choose the biggest cape – there’s really no use in wearing a cape if it’s a teeny tiny one. I mean, how do you expect it to make a statement and create drama if it doesn’t move with you? When it comes to choosing capes, remember to always go big or go home. Don’t worry about how insanely big your cape is, that’s exactly how it should be.

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  • Top accessories should be big and bold too – if you plan on wearing accessories like a hat or a purse, don’t be afraid to go big on those as well. Planning on wearing jewelry? Choose the rather bold ones that will go with your cape. You can supersize everything up top, save for the piece that you’ll be wearing underneath your cape.

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  • Keep the bottom silhouette slim – and since you’ll be creating a top-heavy silhouette, you’ll want to balance it out and keep your natural silhouette showing by keeping the bottom silhouette slim and defined which means that your top picks include leggings, skinny jeans and straight-fit cut pants. You can also wear a dress underneath your cape as long as it’s not a maxi.

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