How to Wear a Beret

The beret is a cold weather essential that looks great with a lot of looks. It’s one of the many kinds / styles of hats that you can wear once the temps start to drop and you start to feel the need to protect your hair from the cold weather elements and keep your noggin warm as well. It has a very chic look to it and it looks more laidback than the usual beanie or bonnet. If you’re wondering how you can style one, check out these tips on how to wear a beret.

  • WITH YOUR HAIR DOWN – the easiest way to wear a beret is to wear it with your hair down. Wear it slightly pulled back so it doesn’t cover up your hairline or your forehead. This will give it that slouchy look that’s ever so chic. To keep the look from being boring, add texture to your hair by creating waves or curls (in case you have naturally straight hair, that is). This is also one of the best ways to wear a beret if you have bangs / fringes and don’t want them to get messed up.

beret and bangs beret with hair down wavy hair with beret beret on the runway

  • TILTED TO THE SIDE – if you want to look and feel a little more French-y and artistic, you can try wearing you beret tilted just a little bit to the side, just to give it a different look. This is also a great way to wear your beret if you’re aiming for more of a 50s or 60s vibe to your look.

side tilted beret tilted to the side  beret and cape outfit beret tilted to the side red beret worn sideways

  • HAIR TUCKED IN – got a problem with wearing a hat and having long hair? I know a lot of women who don’t bother with wearing a hat just because it messes their hair up once the hat is taken off but that’s when a beret would be really useful. Because it’s roomy and slouchy, you can actually tuck your hair in your beret so that it won’t look as bad once the hat comes off.

hair tuck beret hair tucked in beret blonde hair tucked in beret

  • WITH A LOW UPDO – a topknot or a high ponytail won’t fare well with a beret but any kind of low updo will since it could just hang right under your beret or you could also keep it insider your beret without it making any unsightly bulge. Try a low bun or a Gibson tuck the next time you wear a beret.

low ponytail and beret messy side bun beret and low updo

  • WITH A SIDE BRAID – another really cute hairstyle that you can wear with a beret is a side braid. This look will give you a more youthful vibe and is one of the best ways to wear a beret if you just want something easy, chic and laidback.

cute braid and beret lucy hale beret and side braid side braid and beret

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