How to Wear 70s Fashion Modernly

The 70s fashion is a carefree, wild, and free-spirited style that you may want to incorporate in your street looks. No wonder, every single person who cares about style and fashion has worn at the very least one 70s inspired outfit in the last two seasons. But, looking for modern ways to wear 70s fashion? Keep on reading to scoop some tricks.

denim vest with denim jeans

denim jumpsuit with sneakers 70s-denim-on-denim-outfit

Denim-on-denim, Canadian Tuxedo, and double denim were known from the 70s fashion. You could go for different washes of your denim top and denim bottom to give some contrast while wearing the same fabric. For instance, instead of wearing the same light wash of denim top and bottom that’s more 70s, go for a blue denim vest with a pair of black denim pants for a modern approach to the style. If you’re not comfortable wearing denim as separates, go for a denim jumpsuit or overalls instead.

70s-suede-dress green suede dress with boots suede jacket with skinny jeans and sneakers suede kimono with clogs suede tank top with dressy pants white coat with suede boots

After its popularity peak in the 70s, suede textile has been overshadowed by its more popular cousin, leather. So instead of wearing leather, try suede as a delicate and soft alternative to the stiff leather. From jackets to dress and skirts, there is a lot that suede has to offer. It’s also versatile as leather that can instantly add a 70s inspired fashion to your looks, but in a modern way.

70s-earth-toned-dress 70s-suede-jacket and boots 70s-fringed-jacket

If you’re a fan of neutrals like black, white, gray, khaki, brown and such, earthy tones could be a good alternative to your color choices without looking flashy or loud. Though the color palette might remind you of those 70s inspired style like brown loafers and tartan jackets, if you know how to style your earth-toned modern clothes, you’d be able to pull off a 70s inspired outfit flawlessly. Just stick to the shades of brown, tan, beige, red-brown, forest green and such. Even without sticking to suede, denim, and leather, you can effortlessly wear the 70s fashion through color palette itself.

fringe bag with boho outfit fringed skirt with retro sunglasses fringed suede jacket with sneakers

Fringe has been one of the highlights of 70s fashion that you may want to add to your style. Fringes give you the added texture especially when you’re wearing a monochrome outfit. You may go for a leather or suede fringe jacket, fringe top, fringe skirt, fringe dress, and even fringe trousers. But, if you’re not yet ready for an all-out fringe top or skirt, you could go for small steps and opt for a fringed bag or boots.

patchwork style jacket with jeans patchwork style skirt with contemporary outfit

Patchwork style is a trademark of 70s fashion. But it can look too seventies if worn with suede, leather, and even fringe details. So, you may modernize the style by wearing patchwork style skirt or jacket with denim jeans, trench coat, cardigan, blazer, and other contemporary ensembles that can complement your 70s theme without looking overdone.

70s-button-front-skirt 70s-denim-button-front-skirt with yellow blouse 70s-denim-flared-pants-with casual top button down shirt with flared pants knitted top with suede skirt off shoulder blouse with flared jeans red scarf with 70s outfit

Button-down skirts, flared pants or sailor trousers became significantly trending back in the mid-60s and throughout 70s. A great thing, they’re versatile enough that you can wear them all year round. These are also wonderfully form-flattering to almost any kind of body shape, and a breezy and comfortable alternative to leather trousers. Whether you will be wearing it at work or simply casually, button front skirts and flared pants will definitely add a little bit of femininity and flatter your shape at the same time.

red maxi dress with leather boots cowgirl outfit black floppy hat with boho outfit

Bohemian fashion may have been born during the 70s, and became the phenomenal style nowadays that you may wish to copy. Bohemian style dresses in maxi length and flowy styles are great to show off your feminine vibe while partaking the 70s inspired fashion. Also, cowgirl style like wearing denim shorts, denim jacket, big belts, and even cowboy boots are great to channel your 70s vibe in a stylish and laid-back way.

70s fashion is a free-spirited style that can take you from casual to even formal affairs when pulled stylishly. If you feel it look too outdated for you, just be tasteful wearing the 70s style with your modern ensembles. This way, you’re keeping your personal touch to your street looks in a chic and fashionable way.




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