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How to Wake Up to a Great Hair Day

We all have bad hair days but why risk having one when you can do something to actually wake up with great hair? The key to making sure that your hair looks nice in the morning is to take care of it just before you go to bed. Depending on what you would like to achieve in the morning, there are a few various things that you should do. Check out these tips on how to wake up to a great hair day.

  • OVERNIGHT DEEP CONDITIONING – deep conditioning is something you should do at least once a week to rejuvenate your hair and replenish its health. If you don’t have plenty of time during the day to deep condition your hair, do it overnight! Wash your hair with warm water and apply your deep conditioning treatment with a wide toothed comb, wrap it up with saran wrap and in the morning, do a cool rinse. This will keep the moisture in your hair, leaving it super soft and smooth.

hair deep conditioning

dark and shiny hair mila kunis shiny long locks healthy shiny hair

  • HEATLESS BEACH BABE WAVES – do you always find yourself stressed out about funky-looking hair in the morning and no time to style them at all? You can do 2 to 4 little plaits on your hair and sleep in them so that when you take them out in the morning, you have gorgeous and beach babe waves minus the heat from styling tools! It’s a great way to save your hair from heat damage and save time trying to make your locks look decent for the day, too.

beachy long waves beachy natural waves beach babe waves

  • KEEP IT STRAIGHT – don’t you wish you could just wake up with straight hair all the time? Whether you just washed your hair or you’ve straightened it with styling tools and want to keep it straight for the next day, you can try out this trick from YouTips4U on YouTube where she uses a scarf to wrap her hair up before bed to wake up with straight hair.

long straight ombre hair straight hair long taylor swift straight hair

  • BLOWOUT EXTENSION – getting your hair blown out can make it look really bouncy and voluminous but once you sleep, you lose it all in the morning. To make the most of your blowout, you can take a foam styling donut, do a loose top knot and sleep in that. Your hair will remain voluminous and bouncy in the morning so you won’t have to do much to make it look good. You can also preserve your gorgeous big waves by doing two side buns with foam styling donuts on both sides of your head.

blonde bouncy blowout voluminous blow out hair blowout volume and bounce