How to Upscale Your Jewelry without Overwhelming Your Features

Whether you’re petite or a woman with delicate features and small bones, you might be hesitant to wear statement and oversized accessories. If you feel dainty and small jewelry boring for your style, keep on reading for our guidelines on how to upscale your jewelry without overwhelming your features.

Wear pieces that are made from multiple smaller pieces.


gold-choker-with-black-fur-jacket-and-skinny-jeans pearl-choker-with-floral-vintage-dress

If you’re unsure on wearing your statement jewelry, go for ones that you can adjust to work for your frame. Like fashion blogger Emilee Anne, you may go for a pearl choker that can be worn in layers that still look classy for your romantic style. Or, go for earrings that can be adjusted manually to get longer or shorter like fashion blogger Nini Nguyen. Avoid chunky pieces if you’re slim and petite as it will only overwhelm your frame.

Layer your jewelry to create a statement piece.

layered-bib-necklace-with-white-blouse-and-denim-shorts layered-jewelry-with-orange-dress layered-necklaces-with-draped-dress

If you wish to look trendy, think of layering your necklaces and bracelets like fashion bloggers always do. Like fashion blogger Nina Suess, you may play with your dainty necklaces on different lengths to create a coordinated layer without overwhelming your frame. To look more dramatic and statement making, go for big chokers, bib necklaces, and jeweled ones that can add some flair to your simple outfits like fashion blogger Micah Gianneli did. Mixing your metals, as well as wearing your jeweled pieces with your plain ones can be great to look trendy yet balanced on your street looks.

Wear heavy and dramatic piece one at a time.

metallic-gold-palazzo-pants-with-white-vest-and-belt geometric-print-dress-with-statement-earrings mermaid-skirt-with-statement-necklace-and-black-top

If you wish to wear avant-garde or dramatic pieces, keep the balance by wearing one piece at a time instead of going for a matching look from your earrings to your rings. Like fashion blogger Dawilda Gonzalez wearing a pair of metallic gold pants, limit your jewelry to dainty sizes. You may go for a gold belt but keep everything minimal. If you’re wearing an already statement-making dress with geometric print like fashion blogger Jennifer Selmanovic, go for a pair of earrings that can blend well with your prints to look more coordinated.

Go for statement jewelry that draws attention to your assets.                               

mesh-dress-with-statement-earrings statement-belt-with-velvet-outfit-and-statement-earrings statement-necklace-with-bohemian-outfit

Remember, your statement jewelry can highlight your assets, as well as your flaws. If you wish to draw the attention to your face, wear a pair of chandelier earrings or choker necklaces that can do the tricks for you. If you wish to highlight your slim waist, wear a statement belt or metallic cuffs that can draw the attention to it. If you wish to add volume on your bust line, wear chunky necklaces that can add some volume to your top part while looking stylish and trendy like fashion blogger Oksana Orehhova did. By heeding our tricks, you’ll be able to upscale your jewelry without overwhelming your features.

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