How to Turn Your Silk Camisole into an Office Staple

Silk camisole is a perfect essential that can make your weekend style sexy and unexpected. It can transition your outfits seamlessly into any looks. If you’re looking for inspiration on how to turn your silk camisole into an office staple, keep on reading for our styling tricks.

Opt for a basic camisole without lace or embellishment.


silk-cami-with-office-blazer-and-peach-skirt pink-cami-with-camel-vest-and-white-culottes white-blazer-and-pants-with-black-cami

If you wish to make your camisoles work in a professional environment, start with a truly basic camisole as the absence of lace or other embellishment keeps it more professional and allows for more versatility. Opt for plain styles with a decent neckline and skip those camisoles with sheer panels or lace trims that evoke more of a bedroom feel. Like fashion blogger Mary Orton, you may opt for a pink camisole that can be dressed up by a camel vest and white culottes, perfect for a creative office.

Wear your camisole with sheer or plunging neck tops to make it office-appropriate.

burgundy-peplum-top-with-office-pants low-cut-blouse-with-camisole-and-printed-skirt lace-blouse-with-white-culottes eyelet-top-with-chic-palazzo-pants

Since camisole is more of a sleepwear, think of wearing them underneath your sheer blouses, lace tops, and deep neck blouses to make your feminine pieces work in a professional environment. Wrap blouses are figure flattering, though they’re not always appropriate to wear in the office as some have plunging necklines. If you wish to wear your see-through blouses, eyelet tops, sheer blouse, or even lace blouse to the office, wear a silk camisole beneath it to keep it modest and sleek for the office. If you wear a navy lace blouse, think of a navy camisole that will complement your top without distracting the design of your blouse. If you’re wearing a burgundy top like Mary Orton, think of wearing a nude camisole that looks seamless and sleek.

Elevate your camisole by wearing it with a blazer, making it easier to transition your looks after office hours.

white-top-with-pastel-yellow-coat-and-trousers silk-cami-with-tweed-coat-and-black-pants high-waist-silk-track-pants-with-white-tank-top-and-vest create-office-blazer-with-shorts-and-cami

Elevate your camisole for conservative settings by wearing it with a chic blazer, vest, or even a coat and finish with classic pumps. Both trendy and conservative iterations of the camisole can transition to evening looks by just removing your blazer. Like fashion blogger Lara Capri, make your gray camisole look decent in the office by topping it with a tweed coat, and make your girls night out fashionable by taking off your coat and showing off your sexy shoulders and sexy curves with skinny jeans. If you’re working in a casual or creative office, be inspired by fashion blogger Mary Orton’s look by going for a pair of chic jogger pants, chic camisole and office vest.

By heeding these tricks, you’ll make your silk camisole an office staple while keeping your looks professional, feminine, and comfortable.

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