How to Travel Comfortably in Style

Travelling is something that we all like to do but getting on that plane and being strapped in your seat while you wait until you reach your destination is not exactly the most comfortable or most pleasant experience there is. Aside from not having a lot of space to move around in, you don’t have much space to stretch in as well so you really have to sit tight (unless you’re travelling business class, of course). Because of that, you’ll want to wear the comfiest clothes when travelling to make the experience a little bit better. Of course, you wouldn’t want to sacrifice style, too. If you’re a frequent flyer and you’re sick of having to choose between looking fab and being comfy for your flight, check out these tips on how to travel comfortably in style.

  • Don’t wear anything too tight – this is the number one rule for dressing up for a flight. Wearing anything too tight will make you feel even more restricted in that cramped up space you have on the plane so when choosing clothes to wear for a flight, make sure you choose those that have a bit of ‘wiggle room’ or room to move around in. They don’t necessarily have to be baggy or anything like that. A good way to test it out is to put it on and try pretending to be sitting on the plane. If you feel comfy in it, go ahead and wear it.

simple travel look

posh travel outfit

  • Forget anything complex – when it comes to dressing up for a flight, nothing can be more irritating than getting caught up in a tangled mess from unnecessary embellishments on your clothes or endless strings and straps that go all around. Choose simple clothes to avoid this hassle. A plain and basic shirt, your most comfortable pair of pants – these are really great and practical choices when it comes to travelling outfits.

comfy travel outfit functional accessories

  • Stick to neutrals – sometimes, a chic and classy combination of neutrals can look better than your bright and bold neons, especially when you don’t have that ‘fun face’ to go with them after a long haul flight. Stick to neutrals when travelling. These colors are easier to match and they don’t draw too much attention to you (and your haggard look). If you think wearing neutral color from head to foot is boring, though, you can always add a pop of color somewhere in your outfit.

comfy and chic layers simple and basic

  • Wear minimal accessories – if you don’t want to go through the hassle of taking everything off at security and then putting all of them back on after, wear minimal accessories. Choose pieces that are easy to take off and try to wear only those that are functional like a wrist watch. Forget about that cute jewelry layering trend, you can do that when you reach your destination. For now, wear as little as you can or, if possible, just skip it all together.

basic casual travel outfit casual and neutral colors

  • Cozy up in layers – if you’re a frequent flyer, you know how cold it can be in the plane so make sure you cozy up in layers. I wouldn’t recommend wearing one thick and chunky sweater instead just because you might be headed off somewhere warm and I don’t want you to sweat it all out once you’re there. Piling layers on, on the other hand, gives you the option to remove outer pieces (blazer, scarf, etc.) when necessary after reaching your destination.

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