How To Transition from Festival To Pool Party

The start of June means the start of summer which is also the start of festival season! Music festivals will always go together with summer. The glaring sunlight and scorching heat can be reasons enough for people to retreat to resorts and pools to cool down. Coachella goers, for example, usually go to poolside parties #PostChella.

That’s why it is imperative during these upcoming weeks to master the art of festival to poolside outfit transitions—especially if you are attending any music festival. Here, we’ll give you some helpful tips and tricks that will help you transition outfits from festival to poolside parties.

  1. Know what kind of poolside party you’ll be attending
    This may be the first thing you want to think of when you plan on attending a poolside party. Like any other kind of party, there can be different themes or dress codes. In formal poolside parties, you will definitely need to bring a change. For semi-formal or informal poolside parties, however, you may be able to transition some apparel in your festival look into your poolside party look.poolside look
    poolside outfit
  2. Wear versatile clothes to pack less
    This is especially helpful if the poolside party you will be attending has a loose or not so strict dress code. You want to wear versatile clothes during the music festival so as you’ll be able to bring less to the poolside party. Or better yet, none at all! Denim clothes and clothes in neutral colors are the ideal ones for this.denim pool party outfitnavy blue summer outfit
  3. Crops are the way to go!
    Poolside parties often make you wear loose clothes or clothes that will show a lot of skin. Kinda like bikinis. This is why cropped clothes are also great to wear in transition from festival to pool party. Crop tops and cut-off shorts are good examples of this.cutoff shortsoff shoulder crop top
  1. Lightweight clothes can go two-ways
    When exposed under the scorching summer heat on the usually open fields of music festivals, you would want to don clothes made of a kind of light fabric. And this same kind of clothes will be fabulous as bikini coverups in the poolside party you will attend afterwards.kimono jacket summer outfitflowing dress
  2. Think outside the metal accessories
    It is common knowledge that metal and water don’t go well together. That said, it is better to leave your metal accessories, those that are made of gold, silver, or other rust-prone metals, in the safety of your hotel room, house, or wherever you are staying in the duration of the festival. Besides, there are other gorgeous accessories that you can wear by the pool such as jelly accessories or fiber-based bracelets and wicker bags. Speaking of bags!jelly sandals
  3. Choose your bag carefully and wisely
    One of the best and most practical ingredient to a perfect outfit transitioning—whatever kind of outfit transitioning, mind you—is that you know which bag to bring. You don’t want to use an overly huge bag that will make you look like you’re travelling cross-Atlantic. Nor do you want a medium-sized bag that, when stuffed with your change of clothes, will look too bulky. Find the right size of bag that will contain the necessary things inside without looking too big or bulky.

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