HOW TO: Tightline eyes if you wear contact lenses

Since I bought the Maybelline Gel Eyeliner, I’ve been using that as my everyday eyeliner – even tightlining my eyes. Problem – eyeliner transfers on to contact lenses – results in ‘What’s that on your eye?’ every single day!

It’s not a great look, I’ll tell you that! Plus, it takes a bit of time to make sure all of the the eyeliner comes off the contact lens!

So, there could be a few options – find a gel eyeliner that doesn’t transfer, use a pencil eyeliner or use another eyeliner! Liquid eyeliner on the waterline or for tightlining is a big NONO, it results in what I can only think to describe as a waterfall of eyeliner down your eye and running to the bathroom when you can’t see! So, that’s that out of the picture! With pencil eyeliners, I find that they come off far too easily (well, the ones that I’ve tried anyway!) 

Here comes a very simple solution! Cream eyeliner! To be specific, the E.L.F Studio Cream Eyeliner in Black – once applied, it stays on for quite a long time and doesn’t transfer! If you’ve not heard of E.L.F or the product, you can get it from the Eyes Lips Face website, and in the UK it costs just £3.50.







Tightlining your eyes makes your top eyelashes look a lot thicker and I love the result!

P.S. – I love how the flash of a camera makes your eyelashes look so much better! 😀


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