How to Survive Holiday Parties in Heels

Soon, the holiday parties and festivities are going to be in full swing and you’ll find yourself in one party after another which means one thing for your feet: more time in heels. Now, don’t get me wrong. I love heels and if my feet could, they would wear them all the time. They’re gorgeous, they’re stylish and they make any outfit look way more chic and sexy. The thing is, though, that heels aren’t exactly always very comfy and they can put your feet through so much pain. If you’re worried about your feet suffering, check out these tips on how to survive holiday parties in heels.

  • PICK THE RIGHT SIZE – seems like a no-brainer but you’ll be surprised at how some women will settle for heels that are half to a full size smaller than their feet just because the shoes were cute. Squeezing your feet into heels will take its toll later on and will make your feet more painful sooner.

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  • TRY PLATFORM HEELS – platform heels tend to be less painful than stilettos. Having a platform means your feet won’t have to arch up too much so it doesn’t get too strained. They’re a little less dressy but not too casual so if it’s not a super fancy party, try going with platform heels.

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  • INSERT YOUR INSOLES – insoles help a great deal when you have to stay in heels for long periods of time. Go for the gel ones because they just cushion your fee much better than the regular insoles. Some brands like Dr. Scholls even have a massaging gel feature that reduces the pain and strain on the ball of your feet, making it easier for you to stand and walk in your heels.

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  • NO TO BRAND NEW SHOES – a nightlong party isn’t the best time or place to break in a new pair of heels. If you’re going somewhere and you know you’re going to be in heels for a while, choose a pair that your feet have already grown accustomed to. If you bought a new pair of heels just for the event, break them in a day or two before so you know how your feet will fare in them and what to do about the bits that rub your feet.

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  • POLISH YOUR SHOES – and not just on the outside but all around the edges, too. Use a nail file to rub away the edges on your shoes if they feel too rough and slather them with some Vaseline so they don’t give you blisters when you wear them.

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  • TAKE A SEAT – lastly, to make sure you don’t put your feet through so much pain, try to sit down as often as you can every time your feet feels like they might need a break. Give them enough time to rest throughout the night.

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