How to Summer-Proof Oily Skin

Spring may just have started but it’s never too early to start planning on how to summer-proof oily skin. If you have oily skin, you know how much worse the conditions get as the weather gets warmer so why not start making changes in your skincare routine now? The temps are starting to rise again anyway. Here are some tips and tricks for summer-proofing oily skin.

  • WASH YOUR FACE LESS FREQUENTLY – as tempting as it may be to wash your face to wash your face plenty of time throughout the day to somehow freshen it up and relieve it from the heat but try not to. Washing your face too often will make the sebaceous glands more active and will therefore produce more oil – something that you wouldn’t want to deal with when it’s hot and you’re already having a hard time fighting off sweat.

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  • LIGHTEN UP – the cold winter weather may have made your skin go extremely dry which is why you have a lot of heavier creams, oils and serums in your vanity right now but now that summer is here, you’ll want to switch to lighter products that can be easily and quickly absorbed by the skin. No one wants that greasy feeling lingering on when the oils start to come out.

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  • GO OIL FREE – this may seem like a very obvious move but not everyone with oily skin pays that much attention to the products they’re using. Read the labels and choose those that are oil-free. Instead, look for products with labels that say ‘oil control’, ‘matte’ or ‘mattifying’ and grab those instead.

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  • GIVE THE ‘NO MAKEUP’ LOOK A GO – unless you have some severe flaws and issues that you really want to cover up with makeup, why not give the ‘no makeup’ look a go for summer or even for spring? It’s going to help your skin breathe a little bit and might even help with acne problems if you have any.

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  • PRIME TO PERFECTION – if you really want to wear makeup, though, just make sure to use primer beforehand. Primer will help keep your makeup in place and it will also help control oiliness, especially when it’s a mattifying one.

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  • OPT FOR BLOTTING PAPER INSTEAD OF POWDER – dusting on a bit of powder may seem like a good idea since powder does help absorb oil but if you keep doing that throughout the day, powder may cake on and leave you with a funny look. Instead of using powder, opt for blotting paper. These are inexpensive and they’re just as great, if not better, at keeping oil at bay.

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