How to Style Your Summer Stripes

Stripes are actually more of an all year round print, if you ask me, but they are more prominently seen during the warm summer season which makes a lot of us associate them with it. A lot of women don’t like wearing stripes. They think the print is unflattering and will only make them look bigger and while there is some truth to that, stripes is also capable of making you look thinner and taller. You just have to know how to wear your stripes on your body and what kinds of stripes to wear as well. Horizontal stripes are the kinds of stripes that are said to make you look bigger and wider so use those on areas that need some plumping up. Vertical stripes are great if you want to look taller and so are diagonal stripes which also make you look slimmer as well. Chevron can be considered stripes, too, and they have a slimming effect when worn on clothes. Now that you have an idea of what stripes to wear, check out these tips on how to style your summer stripes.

  • Classic black and white – when you want something simple, tried and tested, there’s just no other way to wear stripes other than the classic black and white. Black and white stripes are timeless. They’re never out of style and they’re super versatile because they work really well with just about anything paired to them from denim to tweed to silk and whatever else you can think of. It looks great for casual and street style wear but you can definitely dress it up to create more of a posh high fashion look. You can also wear black and white stripes with a brighter color to make it more fun.

striped crop top

simple classic stripes

  • Stripes with neutrals – not so much of a fashion daredevil, are you? Well, you can still wear stripes without leaving the safe side by anchoring them down to neutral colors. Adding stripes to a neutral outfit is a great way to make the minimalist look less plain.

minimalist with stripes taupe and gray outfit

  • Nautical – another look that you can achieve when wearing stripes is the nautical look. This look is perfect for summer and can be worn to the beach. Most nautical outfits comprise of navy and white stripes with accents of red and sometimes bronze or gold. You can also add other items to the mix such as nautical themed accessories to go all out on the look. You can switch up the colors as well. red and white stripes with blue accents of navy and red stripes with touches of white will give you that nautical look just the same.

chic nautical themed outfit nautical inspired outfit

  • Head to toe stripes – feeling bold and adventurous with your outfit today? How about sporting some stripes from head to toe? This look is considered a bit too much by others but it’s something challenging and exciting to anyone who’s up for a fashion challenge. When doing this look, remember that you don’t have to stick to one kind of stripe all the way. You can mix and match stripes and colors to create a fashion forward outfit that only the brave of heart can wear.

mismatched stripes outfit summer stripe on stripe

  • Stripes and other prints – another move you can make with stripes that’s sure to make you stand out from the crowd is to pair it with other prints. As you know, the print on print trend is still on so give it your own stripey twist and mix your summer stripes with other prints like florals and polka dots to create an outfit that’s fun and fab!

summer stripes and florals print on print outfitJust stripes :striped summer dressstriped maxi skirt


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